AP Theory - 1/24

Homework - Due Wednesday, January 26


Workbook - Chapter 13, page 135.  You should probably read the section in the textbook relating to embellishing tones before attempting the assignment.

AP Music Theory - 1/10

Homework for Wednesday, January 12th.


Please realize the following progressions in four parts, following all of the correct voice leading rules.

Ab Major:  V 65   I ?

c minor: V 42  I ?

F# Major:  V 7  I ?

a minor:  V 7  I ?

F Major:  V 65  I ?

eb minor:  V 42  I ?

AP Music Theory - 12/17

The final homework assignment of 2010!!!!!

Chapter 12 - Basic Elements I, II, III & IV

Make sure you read ALL of the instructions very carefully.  When resolving V7 chords always remember that the leading tone goes UP and the choral seventh goes DOWN.  These are rules that you are not allowed to break.  You also must write the spelling of the chord under the Roman in order to get full credit for the assignment.  Let's start the new year with 100% of you doing your homework!!!!

Have a great vacation!

AP Theory - 12/7

Homework due Thursday, December 9

Workbook Chapter 11, pages 109-111.  Follow the directions carefully and follow the rules for each inversion.

For page 112, you will be writing a four part piece that we can play in class.  Use Chester on page 112 and rewrite for either a woodwind quartet, or a brass quartet.  All woodwind players and percussionists should write the woodwind quartet.  All brass players, string players and singers should write the brass quartet.

Woodwind Quartet- Bb Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone & Baritone Saxophone

Brass Quartet - Trumpet, French Horn, Cello, Trombone.

Use your own staff paper for the piece.  Please make sure you are neat about it and that all of the parts line up correctly.

AP Theory - 11/22

Theory Homework - Chapter 10 - All of it - Due Monday, November 29

Basic Elements - Use your own staff paper to rewrite the given vocal lines and beam the notes by the beat.

Writing Exercises - Write the individual voice parts in open score from the keyboard four voice score that it given to you.  Note that the tenor part in open score is written in Treble Clef to sound an octave lower than written.  In Keyboard four voice score it is in bass clef.  Make sure you make the adjustment.

Analysis - Omit section I.  Do section II and read ALL of the directions on page 105 before you begin.

AP Theory - 11/3

Homework due Friday, November 5.

Workbook pages 78 and 79

Page 78, section II - identify the dissonance given and then follow the rules to resolve it

Page 78, section II - add in an embellishing tone to either the soprano or bass line, but not both.  Make sure you correctly label the embellishing tone that you choose to use.

Page 79, Writing Exercises - Read the directions carefully before beginning.  Follow the rules in your textbook on page 144.  You should have your textbook open to the page and check out all of the rules in the blue box while writing.  Think about establishing tonic in the opening phrase.  Try to establish the dominant to tonic harmony in the closing phrase.

AP Theory - 10/12

Homework - Due Thursday

Chapter 7 from the workbook.  Do sections I, II and III only. 

There may be a sight singing test.  It will consist of two exercises.  One in the key of C and stepwise, the other will be in the key of C and feature arpeggio skips.

AP Theory - 10/4

The homework, which is due Wednesday, October 6th is to complete the rest of Chapter 6.  You should also be working on intervals with the MacGamut program.  You need to get in 4 hours of MacGamut work by the end of the quarter to get your maximum ear training points.  Get comfortable with identifying the intervals because Wednesday in class will be -- Name That Interval.  Prizes will be involved!!

AP Theory - 9/20

Homework for Wednesday - Workbook Chapter 5, sections I. and II.

Please don't forget to bring in your money if you wish to purchase the MacGamut program.  I will be placing the order Wednesday after class.  Bring your $32 if you wish to purchase one.  You may also use the computer in the office outside the choir room to log your hours for the quarter.  Checks should be payable to Cypress Lake High School.

AP Theory - 9/14

Reminder that Test over Chapters 3 & 4 will be Thursday.  There will be no questions involving pentachords and tetrachords.  Go over the modes that we talked about in class today.  Remember to think that each key signature represents 7 different modes.

Homework - Due Thursday

Write 2 sight reading exercises using the following guidelines

1.  Must be in the key of a minor or d minor

2.  Must start and end with tonic

3.  Must use only stepwise motion and skips within the arpeggio only

4.  Must use the harmonic form, which means raising the 7th scale degree

5.  Must be in 4/4 or 3/4 time.

6.  Must only use quarter and half notes

7.  Must be 8 measures long.

8.  Must not go higher than a D5

AP Music Theory - 9/10

Homework is Chapter 4 on Minor Keys and Modes.  You may again omit the writing exercise and extended analysis.  The test over chapters 3 & 4 will be on Thursday.  I suggest that you check out www.musictheory.net and use the key signature trainer as a brush up.

We will be reviewing in class on Tuesday and I will have some worksheets for you as well.

AP Music Theory - 9/7

Good job on the test everyone!! 16 of you got a B or higher!!.


Homework - Due on Friday 9/10

Chapter 3 in the workbook.

You may omit Writing Exercises Part II.  That is the Composing your own melody section.  You may also omit Analysis Part II.  That is the Extended Analysis section.  Omitting these two sections should save you some time.  It is also a reward for the people that are checking this Blog.  Please do not tell anyone about this cuts in the homework.  Let them read it for themselves.

AP Theory 8/25

Homework to be turned in on 8/27

Create two sight singing practice exercises.  Use the following rules.

1.  Key of C major

2.  Starting note should be C4, ending note should be C4 or C5

3.  Use only quarter notes and half notes

4.  Use only stepwise motion.  No skips or non scale tones

5.  8 measure in length

6.  Should be in 3/4 time or 4/4 time

AP Theory - 8/23

The entire Chapter 1 Workbook packet is due at the beginning of class Wednesday.  The directions are very clear, but if you have any questions please post them here and I will answer them for you.

TAG Members - 5/24

Hey guys, since I was mainly going to talk to you at rehearsal tomorrow, I think I can give you the information here, talk to you in class tomorrow and cover all of the information so that we won't need to have practice.


The CD project is coming up fast.  We have secured the dates of June 4, 5, 6 and 7 to record the CD.  It will take about 5 hours per song to record, which is two songs per day.  The times will be Friday, June 4 from 12:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Saturday, June 5 from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  Sunday, June 6 from 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Monday from 12:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  If we can raise enough money for 8 songs, it will be till 10:00 p.m.

Everybody will not be there all of those times.  We will schedule you in shifts so that you will only be there for about half of the time.

Recording can be a long process, but there are some things that we can do to speed it up.  The process will feature you singing by yourself.  You will be wearing headphones and in the headphones you will hear your own voice, a click track and a recording of a keyboard playing the mixdown.  You should practice to the recordings on the website so you are used to singing this way.  Everytime we have recorded in the past, we have discovered that over time, the parts change from what is written on the page.  Please use your music every time you practice so that you can catch any mistakes.  We are also making studio cheat sheets for everyone.  Since you can't turn pages while recording, we are making one page sheets that have just your part on them.  Everyone must also make sure they have plenty of water during the recording sessions.

To date, we have raised $2,730, which is well on our way to our goal.  The bad news is that all of the donations except one, have come from me.  This is also the good news, in that there should be a lot more donations coming in from all of you.  We are committed to the recording sessions, but if we don't get those donations in, you'll never be able to hear the final product.  Please ask everyone you know and maybe even some people you don't know.  You may be surprised at the responses you get.  With the matching gift program, we really only need about $2,000 more to be in great financial shape and record 8 songs.  If your sponsors can give cash, or use the Paypal option on our website, it will be much easier to get the money matched, as we need cash for that.  If they need to write a check to Cypress Lake High School, I will work on getting it available to match.

I have set up a fundraising concert at Seven Lakes.  This is the same place that we did the Veteran's Day performance.  The concert will be Friday, June 11.  We have the option of 2:00 p.m. or 7:00 p.m.  Please let me know which is better for you tomorrow so we can get it finalized.  They are charging $5 per person to get in and then asking for donations to help out.  If this concert goes well, it could earn half of the $2,000 that we need.


I know that this is a lot of work at the end of the year, but the reward will be amazing.  Our last two CDs have been great, but this one is being done by an a cappella specialist.  They only record a cappella groups!!  That fact and the fact that the group is sounding great should make for a truly amazing album.  The alums that were at the concert the other night all said that the recording experience was truly memorable and that they still listen to the albums that they were a part of and marvel at how good they are.  I hope that all of you will make the most of this opportunity and do your part, in both raising money and getting yourself prepared to record.

AP Music Theory 5/11

Just a reminder that everyone is expected to be at school at the normal time.  We will look over the free response questions and talk about what we will be doing for the rest of the year.

TAG Members - Tour Info

TAG Members - The itinerary for the Spring Tour 2010 is now in the Documents section.  Please remember to pack your dress outfit (black & purple) for Thursday night's concert.  The Friday attire will be the new TAG shirt, jeans and appropriate shoes.  Absolutely no flip flops!!!!

AP Music Theory 3/16

Homework is Workbook pages 152-153 Sections III, IV and V

Please read the directions very carefully and do everything they ask.  You will lose points if you do not write the chord note names in as your first step!!!

TAG Rehearsal Moved

This week's TAG rehearsal has been moved to Wednesday after school from 2 to 3 pm.  We will sing on the pre-MPA concert Wednesday night.

AP Music Theory 2/12

AP Theory Assignment that is due on Thursday, Feb. 18


Workbook pages 145-147.  Please do everything and following the instructions carefully.


For section I. Setting melodic fragments - make sure that you determine what type of cadence it is first and then proceed by following the steps that we talked about and are laid out in the textbook.


For sections II - Cadences with figured bass -  Read the Realizing Figured Bass section in the textbook.  Use the guidelines that are listed in the teal box on pages 246 and 247.  Hint - the 8 in the first chord of the first one means that the tenor note should be an octave above the bass.  Suspensions are usually listed as two numbers or a number and symbol with a dash between them. (9-8 or 4-#)


For the Writing Exercises, follow the procedure that we talked about in class and that is detailed in the instructions.  Please use the hints and advice that are given in the instructions for each exercise.  They are there for a reason.

TAG Members

Just a reminder about rehearsal tonight from 5-7.  We will finalize soloists for Walls Fall Down and Talk to Me.  Some of you were missing purple from your uniforms last night, make sure you have everything you need for the concert Thursday. 

AP Music Theory 2/2

Homework for Thursday, Feb. 4

Workbook pages 137 and 138.

II. Folk melody harmonization - Do both A & B

Analysis I. Brief Analysis - Do A only.


For those that did complete A. & B. on the top of page 137, here are the directions

Write the requested basic phrase progressions below.  Begin by filling in the bass line as specified by the Roman numerals, then compose the SAT parts.  Plan your setting to include some passing tones, neighboring tones, suspensions, retardations, and anticipations.  When a chord is repeated, you may change the voicing of the upper three parts to incorporate consonant skips that may be filled in with passing tones.  You may also include single consonant skips, but for this exercise do not use arpeggiation.

Label each embellishing tone in your setting, using the abbreviations described above.  Strive for eighth-note motion in at least one part within each beat.

Congratulations to All-State Members!

Congratulations to our three Florida All-State Choir Members! Isabella Sbarra Michelland and Mackenzie Wolf are making their second trip to all-state and Andrew Darden is making his first appearance. All three members are in the 9-12 Mixed Chorus and will be traveling to Tampa this week to sing with the best singers in the state.

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Jan 21, 2020
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TAG Going to Italy

TAG has accepted an invitation to participate in the International A Cappella Festival is Milan, Italy in July of 2020.  The group will tour Venice, Milan and many small towns in northern Italy as a part of the trip.