AP Theory - 10/12

Homework - Due Thursday

Chapter 7 from the workbook.  Do sections I, II and III only. 

There may be a sight singing test.  It will consist of two exercises.  One in the key of C and stepwise, the other will be in the key of C and feature arpeggio skips.

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Cabaret List Posted

The line-up for the Spring Cabaret has been posted in the NEWS section of this site.

Upcoming Events

May 8, 2018
Spring Choral Concert
Fort Myers FL

TAG selected to compete in Memphis

TAG is honored to have been selected as on of the competing groups at the 2018 National A Cappella Convention in Memphis, TN.  TAG is among 9 groups that will be competing for the title.  The group will make the trip to Memphis April 26-30.