Vocal Department Handbook


AP Theory Syllabus


Audition Song 1 - Come On Over Baby

This is the first audition song for the 2019-2020 TAG Audition.  You will start at measure 2 and continue through the end of the piece.  You may choose the part that best fits your voice.  Girls with high voices should choose from Soprano 1 or Soprano 2.  Girls with low voices should look at Alto 2 or Tenor 1.  The Alto 1 part is in the middle of the girls register and could be sung by either high voices or low voices.  Guys should choose from Tenor 2, Baritone or Bass.  Tenor 2 is the highest guys part and Bass is the lowest.  

There are learning tracks for this music in the MUSIC:TAG LEARNING TRACKS section of this website.  You should start with the track for the part that you are going to sing.  Use this sheet music and then follow along with the audio track.  Once you are comfortable on your part, you can then try it with one of the Mixdown tracks playing.  The Mixdown is a track that has all voices equally balanced on it.

For the audition, you will sing this one by yourself with the Mixdown with Solo track playing in the background.  You will be in a practice room and your audition will be recorded.


CLICK HERE - _Come_On_Over_Baby_Audition_Cut_-_Score.pdf

Audition Song 2 - 123

This is the second audition song.  You will begin at measure 4 and continue until the downbeat of the measure 25.  You can choose your part.  Girls with higher voices can choose from Soprano 1 or Soprano 2.  Girls with low voices can choose from Alto 2 or Tenor 1.  Any girl can sing the Alto 1 part.  Guys with higher voices should choose Tenor 2 and guys with medium or low voices can choose from Baritone or Bass parts.

The audio learning tracks are found in the MUSIC - TAG LEARNING TRACKS section of this website.  Make sure you start with the part track that you selected.  Once you have your part learned well, then you can try to sing it with one of the Mixdown tracks.  The mixdown have all of the parts equally balanced.

This song will be auditioned with one singer per part all together in the choir room.  The audition will be recorded.

When looking at the music.  The top line is the solo.  The second line is Soprano 1 and it continues down to the bottom line, which is Bass.  The order of the lines in the music is as follows:


Soprano 1

Soprano 2

Alto 1

Alto 2

Tenor 1

Tenor 2




CLICK HERE - 123_Audition_Cut_-_Score.pdf


Congratulations to All-State Members!

Congratulations to our three Florida All-State Choir Members! Isabella Sbarra Michelland and Mackenzie Wolf are making their second trip to all-state and Andrew Darden is making his first appearance. All three members are in the 9-12 Mixed Chorus and will be traveling to Tampa this week to sing with the best singers in the state.

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TAG Going to Italy

TAG has accepted an invitation to participate in the International A Cappella Festival is Milan, Italy in July of 2020.  The group will tour Venice, Milan and many small towns in northern Italy as a part of the trip.