Spring Cabaret Line-up 2018

Here is the line-up for the Spring Cabaret.  This is not the performance order.


Makayla Sawyer, Keeley Sawyer & Jennifer Rozell - Landslide

Isobel Fitzgerald, Mackenna Miller & Wedler Lordeus - Titanium

Gwen Vartdal - Too Close

Paris Fulbright - Gelido In Ogni Vina

Mark Sheme - If I Could Tell Her

Ryleigh Plank - Jason's Song

Mackenna Miller - Toxic

Payton McCabe - Dead City

Amanda Johnson - If I Were A Boy

Destiny Nuwer - Gimme One Reason

Delaney Banta - Everybody Loves A Lover

Danielle Adkins - Six Feet Under

Darius Webb - That's Life

Mady Ladd & Sydney Hudson - The A Team

Aliceson Orbe - Ireland

Mackenzie Wolf - Breathe

Winter 2018 Cabaret Line-up

These are not in performance order.  Please make sure you have what you need to do a sound check during class on Thursday.


Paris Fulbright - Per la gloria

Isobel Fitzgerald - Scars to Your Beautiful

Emilee Milton - Lost Boy

Jennifer Rozell - The Only Way

Anna & Brandy Miller - Flight

Mady Ladd - All the Men in the World

Gwen Vartdal & Wedler Lordeus - XO

Keeley & Makayla Sawyer - Ho Hey

Ryleigh Plank - Mama Knows Best

Ally Orbe - Figures

Mackenzie Wolf - The Story

Delaney Banta - You and I

A'layahna Checo - Someone Like You

Daniella Adkins - Listen to Your Heart

Destiny Nuwer - I'm Gonna Lose You

Kailey Wertz - This Is Gospel

Darius Webb - Wait for It

Fall Cabaret Line-up

Here are the acts that will be performing in the Fall Cabaret on Thursday, September 7

All acts must be prepared to perform during vocal tech or musical theatre on Thursday for sound checks


Ally Orbe - Figures

Danielle Adkins - Listen to Your Heart

A'layahna Checo - Someone Like You

Mackenzie Wolf - The Story

Michael Crout - Formal Clothing

Keeley & Makayla Sawyer - Smoke

Talia Tumminello - Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves

Ryleigh Plank - Mama Knows Best

Paris Fulbright - Vittorio mio core

Jennifer Rozell - Someday

Darius Webb - Screen

Madi Ladd & Wedler Lordeus - Latch

Delaney Banta - You & I

Isobel Fitzgerald - Skinny Love

Samantha Strickland - Animal

Valentina Gonzalez & Ryleigh Plank - Promise

Kailey Wertz - This is Gospel

Destiny Nuwer - I'm Gonna Lose You

Emilee Milton - Lost Boy

Final Spamalot Cast List

Spamalot Official Cast List


  • Historian -  Rachael Dominguez
  • Finnish Mayor  - Alexa Lowman
  • King Arthur - Liam Fisher
  • Patsy - Bella Cintron
  • Not Dead Fred- Matteo Occhino
  • Mrs.Galahad - Avery  Wilson
  • Lady of the lake - Ryleigh Plank
  • Sir Bedevere - Wedler Lordeus
  • Sir (Dennis) Galahad - Mark Sheme
  • Sir Lancelot - Cameron Rogers
  • Sir Robin - Brice Kingsley
  • Sir not appearing in this show - Chance Cintron
  • Prince Herbert - Matteo Occhino
  • His father - Jimmy Faxel
  • Guard 1 - Chloe Tsai
  • Guard 2 - Jesse Messari
  • Concorde - Delaney Banta
  • French Taunter - Daydra Smith
  • Frenchies/Guards - Avery Wilson, Julianna, Jesse Messari
  • Black Knight - Jimmy Faxel           
  • Head Ni Knight - Lexie  Cole
  • Minstrels - Susie Carlo, Talia Tuminello, Alexa Lowman, Julianna Zeltman
  • Tim - Daydra Smith
  • Brother Maynard - Jared Wray
  • Bors - Cat Parkes
  • Monk - Josh Kier
  • God (Recording) - Wedler

Spamalot Preliminary Cast List

This is a list of people selected to be a cast member of the show.  Final casting with specific parts will be coming soon.  Do not ask or inquire anything about parts until the list is posted.


Spamalot Cast

Shannon Gray

Julianna Zeltmann

Rachael Dominguez

Mackenzie Wolf

Avery Wilson

Annie Vardanyan

Delaney Banta

Takyla Mozell

Cat Parkes

Chloe Tsai

Jesse Messari


Ryleigh Plank

Isabella Cintron

Alexa Lowman

Daydra Smith

Talia Tuminello

Susie Carlo

Liam Fisher

Mara Benton

Kayci Suskind

Akira Gilmore

Kayla Williams

Bethany Cason

Mallory Donaldson

Jasmine Cubillion 

The A Cappella Group 2017-18 Edition

Thanks to all of you who auditioned this year.  Our group couldn't maintain our national reputation without great students auditioning each year.  This is always the worst day of the year for me as I hate giving students bad news.  Much thought went into these decisions.   No matter if you made it or didn't make it, please come and see me for feedback on your audition.  It is the only way for you to get better, which is our goal for all students.


The first rehearsal will be Monday, August 21 at 6:00 p.m. in the choir room.  New members need to see Mr. Stroh to get your TAG binder no later than Friday.  


Here are the members of the 15th anniversary edition of The A Cappella Group


Jennifer Rozell

Makayla Sawyer

Alexa Lowman

Ryleigh Plank

Keeley Sawyer

Valentina Gonzalez

Anna Miller

Mackenzie Wolf

Isabella Sbarra

A'layahna Checo

Maddie Owens

Kaylie Genton

Talia Tummenillo

Annie Vardanyan

Mark Sheme

Cady Vagle

Elijah Lowman

Phillip Stringham

Nathaniel Entwistle

Sean Martin

Wedler Lordeus

Everett Anderson

Winter Cabaret Line-up

Here is the line-up for the Winter Cabaret.  Again, there were some good acts that I was not able to include because of time.  Those selected, make sure that you are ready to do a sound check during your class on Thursday.


Darius Webb - Easy

Tora Halsey - Sunday Morning

Valentina Gonzalez - Superficial

Jennifer Rozell - Out of My Mind

Anna Miller - Gravity

Mackenzie Wolf - How Far I'd Go

Gwen Vartdal - Somewhere Only We Know

Dana Miller - Roads

Ahsemon Tajiani - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Britney Joseph - If I Knew

Paris Fulbright & Alexis Lang - Eh Eh Nothing Else I Can Say

Ryleigh Plank - Whenever You Call

Kaylie Genton - Better (Wo)man

A'layahna Checo - Set Fire to the Rain

Kylie Brockway - Take A Bow

Mark Sheme & Bridget MacPherson - You Matter to Me

Isabella Sbarra - Chasing Pavements

Esther Darling & Danielle Adkins - All I Want

Maddie Ladd & Wedler Lordeus - We Don't Believe What's On TV

Ashlyn King - Remedy

Noelia Gonzalez - Eyes Wide Open

Fall Cabaret Acts Announced

Here are the acts that will perform in the Fall Cabaret on Thursday, September 15.  These are not listed in performance order.  All acts that are on this list must have everything they need to do a sound check on either Wednesday or Thursday during class. For those who do not appear on this list, make sure that you get feedback from Mr. Stroh so that you can improve your next audition.


Elle Fales - Unstoppable

Darius Webb - Cigarettes & Valentines

Ahsemon Tajiani & Britney Joseph - Sledgehammer

Dana Miller - Piece by Piece

Delaney Banta - You and I

Ryleigh Plank - I Can't Get Enough of Your Love

Ashlyn King - Eye of the Needle

Maddie Ladd - Later Losers

Anna Miller & Cody Vagle - Say Something

Noelia Gonzalez & Valentina Gonzalez - One Dance

Bridget MacPherson - Darlin'

Jenna Cosme - Over You

A'layahna Checo - Stay

The Kaylie Genton Experience - Red House

Sydni Hudson - Now I See

Samantha Strickland - Counting Stars

Addams Family Cast Announced


Gomez Addams - Chance Cintron

Morticia Addams - Callie Atkinson

Wednesday Addams - Isabella Cintron

Uncle Fester - Cameron Rogers

Pugsley Addams - Braden Downing

Grandma - Courtney Camarillo

Lurch - Liam Fisher

Lucas Beineke - Mark Scheme

Mal Beineke - Spencer Barney

Alice Beineke - Kennedy Floethe


Caveman Ancestor - Jimmy Faxel

Flight Attendant Ancestor - Samaria Williams

Conquistador Ancestor - Cody Vagle

Soldier Ancestor - Brice Kingsley

Saloon Girl Ancestor - Tova Neuwirth

Flapper Ancestor - Sarah Heidrick

Bride Ancestor - Britani Rice

Puritan Ancestor - Aria Hartwell

Courtesan Ancestor - Racheal Dominguez

Renaissance Ancestor - Avery Wilson


Dancer Ancestors

Eden Collier

Julia Rivet

Bethany Cason

Essence Facey

Madissan Ham

Tristan Brown


Chorus Ancestors

Mary Deloach

Lexie Cole

Chloe Tsai

Aliceson Orbe

Faith Deterding

Joshua Kier

Andres Palacio

Lautaro Garcia

Wedler Lordeus


The A Cappella Group - 2016-17 Edition

I am happy to announce the 14th edition of The A Cappella Group!  Once again, thanks to all of you who auditioned this year.  It was exciting to hear so much young talent, which bodes well for the future of the group.  It is always one of the most difficult things for a director to do, especially when this group means so much to people.  I am truly honored that all of you are here and want to be a part of it.  If you find your name on this list, Congratulations!!  If you do not find your name on this list, please come and talk to me to get your audition feedback.  Getting your feedback to really important so that you can know what areas you need to work on.

Thanks again and without further ado, here is the list.



Kennedy Floethe

Noelia Gonzalez

Alexa Lowman

Bridget MacPherson

Dana Miller

Ryleigh Plank

Ahsemon Tajiani



Callie Atkinson

Courtney Camarillo

A’layahna Checo

Kaylie Genton

Valentina Gonzalez

Britney Joseph

Isabella Sbarra



Cody Vagle




Steven James

Sean Martin

Mark Sheme

Philip Stringham


Vocal Percussion

Everett Anderson

Wheeler Lordes

The Addams Family Musical

Cypress Lake Center for the Arts is proud to present The Addams Family - November 17-20, 2016

TAG Audition Material Posted

The auditions for the 2016-2017 edition of The A Cappella Group will be held in the choir room on August 11th and 12th.  The audition material is now on the website.  The two songs are Better, originally performed by Haley Reinhart and The Words, originally performed by Christina Perri.  The sheet music for each song is located in the DOCUMENTS section of this site.  The music is only the excerpt of the song that is being used for the audition.  The learning tracks for each song are locating in the MUSIC - TAG LEARNING TRACKS section of this site.

Audition Requirements:

1. Sing an unaccompanied solo that is 1 minute or less.  This should be a contemporary song and not classical or musical theatre in nature.  The song should show off your voice in both style and range.  If you are a high soprano, don't sing a song that is really low.  You must also PERFORM the solo.  Don't just sing it.  You need to demonstrate a connection to the lyrics and really be expressive in your performance.

2.  Perform your part with other singers.  You must learn two pieces of music that are currently available of this site..  Hard copies of the music will be available at Cypress starting August 3 and also the first day of school.  Choose a part and learn the music.  If you are a soprano, most songs have two soprano parts and you can choose which one that you want to learn.  If you are an alto, there are usually two alto parts and the tenor 1 part is also sung by altos.  If you are a very low alto, you should go for the tenor 1 part.  The guys have either tenor 2, baritone or bass to choose from.

Part Breakdown - The Words

Soprano 1 - Any soprano

Soprano 2 - Any soprano

Alto 1 - Any soprano or alto

Alto 2 - Any alto

Tenor 1 - Any alto that has a low range

Tenor 2 - guys who are tenors or high baritones

Baritone - guys who are baritones

Bass - guys with very low voices


Part Breakdown - Better

Soprano 1 - any soprano

Mezzo - any soprano

Alto 1 - any alto

Alto 2 - any alto

Tenor - guys who are tenors or very low girls

Baritone - guys who are baritones

Bass - guys with very low voices


On the day of the audition, you will sing your solo first.  After singing your solo, you will be taken into a practice room to sing your first part song.  You will sing your part of The Words with the mixdown as your accompaniment.  You may use your music.  The audition does not have to be memorized.  This audition will be recorded.  After you have sung your part, you will then go back into the choir room for the second part song. 


Once all of the solos have been completed, you will sing Better live in the choir room together with other people with only one person on each part.  This will be done in the choir room with 8 or 9 singers.  Your audition will be recorded.  A group of auditionees will be selected and will stand in a semi-circle.  You will be given your starting pitch and then counted off.  You will be able to use the sheet music.  Auditions do not have to be memorized.   


Part Singing is the most important part of the audition.  Part singing is the main thing that you will do in the group and you must be able to be independent and hold your part.  Devote most of your time to this part of the audition.  Students have been selected to be members of the group with an average solo and great part singing.  No student has ever been selected that had an amazing solo, but couldn't hold a harmony part.

The learning tracks for the audition pieces are in the TAG Learning Tracks section of the MUSIC page and the sheet music is available in the DOCUMENTS page.

All parts of the audition will be recorded.

If you have any questions about the audition or the audition music, please contact Mr. Stroh using the contact info in the CONTACTS section.  Please contact Mr. Stroh early with any questions that you might have.  Make sure you give yourself enough time to prepare for your audition.  When practicing the part songs, start with the individual learning tracks for your part and then as you learn the music, start working with the mix down.  Record yourself as you get better at the parts and listen back.  Many times we think that we are singing the correct part, but when we listen back to ourselves, find out that we are making mistakes.  

I hope that you will take the audition seriously.  This is a group with a  national reputation and you must take the audition seriously.

Spring Cabaret Line-up

Here is the line-up for the cabaret.  The cabaret will take place in the Black Box.  There were 39 auditions for this cabaret and only 20 spots for a show that isn't too long.  Many of the acts that did not make the list were really good, just not in the top 20.  I will be happy to give feedback for your performances.


This list is not in order of appearance.  


Kristofer Chambers & Valentina Gonzalez - Hallelujah

Ryleigh Plank - I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Bryanna Walker - Vilia

Britney Joseph - Remedy

Valentina Gonzalez - Say You're Just A Friend

Brittany Russell & Noelia Gonzalez - Jealous

Maddie & The Slamkettes - What'll I Do

Harold Solomon & Noelia Gonzalez - Promise

Maddie Slamka - I Love You I Do

Jacob Budreau - All That Matters

Gillian Marino - This Wheel

Allan Faria - Manhattan

Bridget MacPherson - Evaporated

Kaylie Genton - Glitter In The Air

Rebecca Lucero - Shame

Brittany Russell - Radioactive

Ahsemon Tajiani - Distance

Callie Atkinson - Skyscraper

Francesca Schofield & Sophia Vartdal - Feeling Good

Mark Sheme & Francesca Schofield - Burden (provisional)

Cypress Choirs Earn Superiors!

The Cypress Lake Center for the Arts choirs performed amazingly at the District 18 Choral Music Performance Assessment.  Cypress Chorale and Women's Choir earned straight superior ratings the Intermezzo received an overall superior rating.  Recordings of the performance will be up on this site soon.  Congratulations to all Cypress singers.

TAG Wins ICHSA Southeast - New York Bound

TAG competed in the International Championship of High School A Cappella Southeast Semifinal on Saturday, Feb. 13 at Winter Park High School in Orlando.  TAG was one of 11 groups competing for the title and the invitation to the Finals in New York City.  TAG won for the first time since 2007 and are excited to make their second appearance at the Finals in New York City.

Important Message for all TAG Parents!

Dear TAG Parents,

We are so honored to have won the ICHSA Southeast Semifinal this past Saturday night.  With this comes the major task of coming up with the money to make this trip happen.  It makes it even more difficult since we have already made the commitment to attend and compete at the National A Cappella Convention in Memphis just one weekend before the New York trip.  We need all parents on board to help make this trip a possibility.

We are going to continue the payment schedule for Memphis.  You can find this on the Memphis itinerary in the DOCUMENT section of this site. We are then going to start fundraising to get everyone to New York City with as little extra payments as possible.

As of now, the travel and hotel expenses for the New York Trip are at $540.  I'm really happy with the airfare of $213.10 that we got from United.  I'm still waiting to get responses from JetBlue, Southwest and Delta, so it could drop lower if they come with a better price.  New York City hotel room are going to be the most expensive part of the trip.  I'm also working on this.  We have an option to stay for really cheap at a historic hotel that can be scary, or pay more for a hotel that we know will be decent.  

I would like to have a parent meeting to discuss fundraising and trip specifics, as well as answer questions about Memphis and the upcoming album.

We need to have this meeting as soon as possible to get started.  I would like to have the meeting this Thursday, Feb 18 at 6:00 p.m. in the choir room.  The meeting should be no longer than 1 hour long, because Conner has a baseball game at 7:45 that night.  It is really important that we have the vast majority of parents there.  Please have your student text whether you are able to attend this meeting on Thursday or not.

Congrats to your students for an amazing accomplishment!!!

Winter 2016 Cabaret Line-Up Announced

Here is the line-up for the Winter Cabaret.  Please make sure that you are prepared for sound check during your classes on Tuesday and Thursday of this week.  This list is NOT is performance order.


Dana Miller - Drowning Shadows

Callie Atkinson & Allan Faria - Runnin' (Lose It All)

Sophia Vartdal & Les Englehart - Lucky

Jossalynn Talley & Ashlyn King - Treat Me Like Somebody

Rebecca Lucero, Maddie Slamka & Callie Atkinson - Bang Bang

Gillian Marino & Maddie Slamka - Make Your Party

Callie Atkinson - Exes and Ohs

Sophia Vartdal - My Paper Heart

Valentina Gonzalez - Equivocada

Kiery Fairley - Stay

Ryleigh Plank - Who's Loving You

Camryn Ackerman - Black & Gold

A'layahna Checo - Lay Me Down

Kylie Brockway - Stitches

Jenna Cosme - Too Close

Jacob Budreau - I'm A Star

Gillian Marino - My Love

Congratulation Elle Fales

Congratulations to Elle Fales who has made the Florida All-State Reading Chorus.  Elle, a sophomore who made the All-State Women's Chorus as a freshman, scored 39 out of 40 measures correct on the sight reading test and earned a spot in the elite Reading Chorus.  Congratulations!!!

Fall Cabaret Line-up Anouncement

Here is the line-up for the Cabaret on Thursday, September 24th.  I can tell you that this is the largest number of auditions that I have had to turn away for a cabaret.  20 is about the limit in order to keep the show to a comfortable length.  Please me sure that you see Mr. Stroh to get feedback on your audition.  It is very important in your development as a performer.

This list is not in performance order.  You need to make sure that you have your background track with you during school this week.  We are going to get as many sound checks done during vocal tech as we can.


Valentina Gonzalez - Thinking Out Loud

Allan Faria & Dana Miller - Like I'm Going to Lose You

Alli Orbe - Disneyland

Bryanna Walker - Glitter and Be Gay

Ahsemon Tajiani - If I Loved You

Ashlyn King - Half of Me

Britney Joseph & Noelia Gonzalez - Valerie

Ryleigh Plank - Without You

A'Layanna Checo - House That Built Me

Kristofer Chambers - Say Something

Maddie Slamka & Gillian Marino - Come Together

Dana Miller - Can't Help Falling In Love

Rebecca Lucero - Nobody Love

Jacob Budreau - Personal

Kiera Fairley - At Last

Sophia Vartdal - Crazy Girls

Les Englehart - Ranaway With Me

Brittany Russell - The Story

Dana Miller and Brittany Russell - Poison & Wine

Jenna Cosme & Delany Banta - House of Gold

Bridget MacPherson & Mackenzie Ackerman - Send Me The Moon


Nice Work if You Can Get It Cast

Thank you to all who auditioned.  Make sure that you ask either Mrs. Gair, Mr. G or Mr. Stroh for your feedback.  It will let you know what to work on for your next audition.  There will be a cast meeting and read through tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 10, at 2:00 in the Black Box.



Jimmy Winter – Spencer Barney

Billie Bendix – Callie Atikinson

Cookie McGee – Chance Cintron

Duke - Jacob Budreau

Eileen Evergreen – Sarah Heidrick

Senator Max Evergreen – Les Englehart

Estonia (Duchess) – Courtney Camarillo

Jeannie Muldoon – Sophia Vartdal / Gillian Marino

Chief Berry – Joey Simonelli

Millicent Winter – Madison Slamka


Female Ensemble

Gianna Appolonia

Bethany Cason

Isabella Cintron

Eden Collier

Isabel Daher

Kennedy Floethe

Alexa Lowman

Rebecca Lucero

Chloe Morris

Kiana Pinder

Britani Rice

Francesca Schofield

Christina Stilian

Bryanna Walker


Male Ensemble

Allan Faria

Liam Fisher

Jacob Garcia

Logan Griswald

Brice Kingsley

Javier Maldonado

Cameron Rogers

Mark Sheme

Cody Vagle

2015-2016 TAG Members Announced

The time has come to announce the members that will be in the 13th edition of The A Cappella Group.  Once again, this was very difficult to have to leave out some very talented singers.  This is always the worst part of the job for me and I really do feel your pain if you do not see your name on this list.  Thank you to all of you who took the time to prepare for this difficult audition.  I could tell that there was a lot of time invested in preparing for the audition and I really do appreciate it.  I urge all singers who auditioned to see me for feedback on your audition.  Please do this whether you make it or not.  It can help you prepare for the next one.

For those of you who do find your name on this list, the first rehearsal in Monday evening at 6:00 p.m. in the choir room.  You will need to have a binder that is at least 2 and a half inches and bring it with you to the first rehearsal.


Without further ado here are the members of the 2015-2016 The A Cappella Group

Callie Atkinson
Kiera Fairley
Kennedy Floete
Kaylie Genton
Valentina Gonzalez
Britney Joseph
Rebecca Lucero
Bridget MacPherson
Gillian Marino
Brittany Russell
Francesca Schofield
Madison Slamka
Ahsemon Tajiani
Sophia Vartdal
Bryanna Walker
Jacob Budreau
Allan Faria
Steven James
Dylan McCarthy
Mark Sheme
Phillip Stringham
Everett Anderson
Sean Keating

8th Album Funded!

As a result of our amazing night of a cappella on Saturday night, we raised enough money to meet our fundraising goal and be able to record our 8th album.  Liquid 5th is on board and new arrangements are arriving daily.  We should be ready to release the new album in September.

Cabaret Line-up for May 1

The following acts will appear in the Cabaret this Friday, May 1.  They are not listed in performance order.


Leney Petion & Jenny Kelly - Say Something

Dana Miller & Noelia Gonzalez - Up

Kaylie Genton - Give Me Love

Jenna Kelly - Stay

Bryanna Walker - Alto's Lament

Brittany Russell & Dana Miller - Walk on the Water

Britney Joseph - You Know I'm No Good

Luke Autera - Milky Way

Dana Miller - Falling

Luke Autera & Jade Lusk - Use Somebody

Madison Slamka - Fifteen Pounds

Jade Lusk - The Only Exception

Ashley Hudson - Darlin

Rebecca Lucero - Bound To You

Molly Bailey - The City

Francesca Schofield - Somebody To Love

The Blond Crew - Lips Are Movin'

Maddie & the Slamkettes - You Are My Sunshine

Sophia Vartdal - This

Callie Atkinson & Gillian Marino - Folding Chair

Dara Craig - Keep You Here With Me

Josiah - Latch

Darby Finnegan - Stutter

Cabaret Line-up for September 18th

Here is the line-up for the Cabaret on Thursday, September 18th.  Those who are selected must create an info card about yourself and your song and give to Ashley Hudson, who will be the emcee for the evening.


Dana Miller - Make It To Me

Luke Autera - Beautiful Destruction

Ahsemon Tajiani - Learn to be Lonely

Jenna Kelly - Put Your Records On

Bridget MacPherson - Let The Rain

Bryanna Walker - The Girl in 14G

Rory Medley & Ashley Hudson - That's What's Up

Gillian Marino & Maddie Slamka - Your Song

Kaylie Genton - You Give Love A Bad Name

Marissa Brooks - Mr. Snow

Brittany Russell - Overblown

Dara Craig - The Wau That I Am

Josiah Vega & Rocky Castro - Already Home

Francesca Schofield - Thinking Out Loud

Stephanie Crown - A New Day

2014-2015 TAG Members Announced

After literally hours and hours of listening and deliberations, the 2014-2015 edition of The A Cappella Group is set, well, almost.

I have to say that this year is hardest I have ever had in making those final cuts.  It is definitely the worst part of my job.  Thank you to all of you who tried out.  I'm honored that you want to be a part of the group.  For those of you who don't find your name on this list, know that I spent an incredible amount of time listening and considering all parts of your audition.  Please make sure you come and see me to get feedback on your audition.  It is a great learning tool.  This year, in many cases, it isn't what you did wrong, it is what someone else did just a little better.

Here is the "almost" part - A special thank you goes to the two vocal percussionists that auditioned - Everett and Kent.  I would like for both of you to come to the first rehearsal.  It has been very difficult to make a decision based on the short excerpts of the auditions.  I would like to hear much more from both of you at rehearsal and then we can make a decision.

For those that are on this list - Congratulations.   Our first rehearsal is Monday night August 25 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the choir room.

The A Cappella Group - 2014-2015

Colette Lowndes

Ashley Hudson

Darby Finnegan

Bridget MacPherson

Jade Lusk

Maddie Slamka

Dara Craig

Rory Medley

Callie Atkinson

Kiera Fairley

Sophia Vardal

Brittany Russell

Bryanna Walker

Gillian Marino

Rebecca Lucero

Josiah Vega

Luke Autera

Allan Faria

Jacob Budreau

Jeff Richmond

Dylan McCarthey

Steven James

TAG Audition Songs Updated

Those students wishing to audition for the 2014-2015 edition of The A Cappella Group must sing two songs in addition to their solo to audition.  The songs have been posted and the sheet music for the audition excerts is available in the DOCUMENTS section.  Please read carefully so you know how to prepare.  Make sure you also read the audition procedures that are listed in the CALENDAR section under the TAG Audition calendar item. Good Luck everyone and I'll see you in two weeks.

TAG Rehearsals Move to Monday Night

Rehearsals for The A Cappella Group will be moving to Monday nights for the fall.  Due to many conflicts with Tuesdays, we will be making the switch for the Fall.  Rehearsals will be Mondays from 6:00-8:00 through the Fall.  It will switch back to our traditional Tuesday after school in the spring.  All of the rehearsals are listed in the CALENDAR section.

View the 2013-14 Vocal Department Banquet Video

It's Not Guys and Guys Jerry

We are pleased to announce that the musical for the 2014-15 school year is Guys and Dolls.  A classic of the musical theatre repertoire, Guys and Dolls has a plethora of interesting characters.  Auditions will be the second week of school and the show will be the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Stop the Tapping!!!!

For those of you that had big plans to learn or become a better tap dancer this summer in preparation for our production of 42nd Street, you may want to put those plans on hold.  Due to an upcoming national tour, our request to produce 42nd Street has been denied by Tams Witmark.  We are applying for another show in the next few days.  The new show, which we will not announce until we actually have the rights, does NOT involve any tap dancing.  Thanks to all of you who were willing to go the extra mile to learn.  We will announce the new show title as soon as we get an answer. 

TAG Sweeps CARAs

The 2014 CARA awards were announced on April 12 and The A Cappella Group won all three high school category awards.  The album Sunny Days won Best High School Album.  This marks the first best album win for TAG.  The song "American Boy" won Best High School Song.  This is also the first CARA win for TAG in the category.  Quinton Thomas won Best High School Solo for his performance of Baby, I'm For Real.  This is the second win for TAG in Best Solo Category.

TAG Earns 5 CARA Nominations

The A Cappella Group (TAG) from Cypress Lake Center for the Arts has been nominated for five Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards(CARAs).  The CARAs are the a Cappella world’s equivalent to the Grammy award.  The five nominations for the album Sunny Days, is the most that TAG has ever received for an album.  It also marks the first time that the group has received a nomination outside of the High School categories.  The song “American Boy” is nominated for Best R&B/Hip Hop song alongside International sensation the Pentatonix and five other college groups.  The song “The Battle,” written by senior Gabrielle Macafee, has been nominated for Best Original Song alongside college groups.  It is an amazing honor to earn this recognition for our latest album.  The nominations for The A Cappella Group are:


  • Best Soul/R&B/Hip Hop Song – “American Boy” from Sunny Days
  • Best Scholastic Original Song – “The Battle” from Sunny Days
  • Best High School Album – Sunny Days
  • Best High School Song – “American Boy” from Sunny Days
  • Best High School Solo – “Baby, I’m For Real” featuring Quinton Thomas from Sunny Days


A full listing of this year’s nominations can be found here - https://www.casa.org/cara2014n


The winners will be announced on April 12 at the Boston Sings A Cappella Festival in Boston.


You can check out the album Sunny Days here - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sunny-days/id734964331

If you are interested in purchasing the complete album, please e-mail director Gary Stroh at garyrs@leeschools.net  The album is available for only $10 and will be ponied to you.  It is also available on iTunes, but Apple will take their 35%

9 to 5 Cast List Announced

Thanks to all of you who auditioned this year.  As you can see, the cast list is much smaller this year based on the show.  There were many, many talented students that did not make the final cut.  Please make sure you see Mr. Loete, Mrs. Gair and Mr. Stroh to get feedback on your audition.  That is the only way you know what to work on and improve.  Congratulations to those who made it.  Don't forget, you can still be involved with the musical.  Working behind the scenes is just as important as being on stage.  Please consider taking on a technical role for 9-5 if you do not find your name on this list.


9 TO 5

VIOLET – Martina Long
JUDY – Halie Boling
DORALEE – Gabrielle Macafee
ROZ – Lily Anderson
MISSY – Marissa Zumbo
MARGARET – Jena Whitesman
HART – Garrett Nowlin
JOSH – Marcos Martins

Gianna Appolonia
Callie Atkinson - KATHY
Marissa Brooks
Courtney Camarillo - MARIA
Isabel Daher
Tricia Garmager
Sarah Emily Hall
Kianna Jackson – ANITA
Kelly Johnson
Gillian Marino - DAPHNE
Erica Olsson
Maddie Slamka
Sophia Marie Vartdal

Lucas Ackerman
Lambert Barnes
Spencer Barney
Tyler Charpentier
Chance Cintron
Christian Fernandez
Zachary Holmer – BOB ENRIGHT
Nick Huston – DICK
Christian Richardson
Thomas Short - TINSWORTHY
Monty Stobb – DWAYNE
Josiah Vega - JOE

2013-14 TAG Group Announced

Thank you to all who tried out for the 2013-14 edition of The A Cappella Group.  Once again, these decisions are the hardest part of my job.  The final decision this year were extremely hard to make and it tears me up that there isn't room for everyone in the group.  I urge all of you, whether you make it or didn't make it to see me to get feedback on your audition.  I will let you know your strengths and weaknesses so that you know what to work on for your next audition.

Without further ado - Here are the results



Peyton Davis

Gabrielle Macafee

Maddie Slamka

Ashley Hudson

Bridget MacPherson

Lily Anderson

Colette Lowndes



Maddie Taylor

Callie Atkinson

Rory Medley

Dara Craig

Jade Lusk

Darby Finnegan

Kiera Fairley



Christian Fernandez

Josiah Vega

Jacob Budreau

Allan Faria

Luke Autera



Jacob Davis

Dylan McCarthey

Jeff Richmond



David Norville


Congratulations to all of the new members.  Our first rehearsal will be Thursday, August 15 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Choir Fees for 2013-14

We are reinstating the vocal department fees for the 2013-14 school year.  The student fee for this year will be $25.00.  This fee will include a vocal department shirt (baseball jersey style) and fees to cover food and clinicians for Choir Bash.  This fee is due by Choir Bash on August 16th.  For your convenience, you can pay right here on our site. The price is slightly higher with the credit card option to cover the processing fees.  You may also pay by Check to "Parents of The A Cappella Group" or Cash.


Student Name

TAG Audition Songs

This year, there will be two audition part songs for the TAG audition.  This first will be I Was Made for Sunny Days from the beginning to the end of measure 29.  You will sing the part you choose along with the mixdown.  This audition will be done in a practice room and will be recorded.  The second song will be Brave.  This song will be sung in groups with one on a part in the choir room.  Your individual part will also be recorded.  The sheet music for these two songs can be found in the document section.  You can also get it at the Saturday Spectacular.  The audio learning parts are in the music section of this site.  Start working now as the part singing is the most important part of the audition.

Auditions! Auditions! Auditions!

As we get close to starting another school year, you need to prepare for the auditions that will happen during the first and second weeks of school.  Auditions for The A Cappella Group will take place the first full week of school and auditions for the musical will take place the second full week of school.  Check the calendar section of the website for each audition.  There are detailed instructions for each audition listed there.  Start working now!!!

Winter Cabaret Acts Announced

Thank you to all that auditioned for this year's winter cabaret.  The following acts have been selected and will appear in the show next Thursday evening.  All students in the show must have everything they need to do a sound check during vocal tech or choir on Wednesday and Thursday.  Any acts that do not do a sound check during class will be dropped from the line-up.  This list is NOT in performance order.


Gabrielle Macafee - Nature Boy

Maddie Slamka - Gimme Gimme

Jessica Wilson - Chains

Josiah Vega - Too Close

Dara Craig - Trouble is a Friend

Akeem Battle - Everybody Knows

Sarah McIntyre - Falling for You

Tori Hirshberg - Ours

Danielle Huston - Fidelity

Morgan Lodes, Julia Roedding & Maddie Taylor - Call Your Girlfriend

Travis McAfee, Sarah McIntyre & Emily Alvarado - I Feel Pretty

Jade Lusk - Breathe Again

Cassidy Tinkoff - Over You

Peyton Davis - I Dreamed A Dreamed

Erica Wagner - The Wages of Sin

Darby Finnegan & Jade Lusk - So Sick

Ashley Hudson - A Thousand Years

Emily Alvarado - The Life I Never Led

Sarah Hall - Skinny Love

Ashlee Wallace - You Don't Know This Man

Whet Your Appetite Act Announced

The following acts will represent the vocal department in the Whet Your Appetite concert. Keep scrolling down as there are also acts selected to appear in the pre-show cabaret for the fall concert.


Travis McAfee and Emily Alvarado - Beautiful Disaster

Diana Landa - Clown

Ashlee Wallace and Martina Long - Let Me Be Your Star

Peyton Davis and Gabrielle Macafee - In His Eyes

Erica Wagner - Don Juan

Quinton Thomas - My Funny Valentine


Pre-Show Cabaret Acts

Jasper Walker - Bridge Over Troubled Water

Dara Craig - Inventing Shadows

Jade Lusk - Put Your Records On

Morgan Lodes - World of Chances

2012-2013 TAG Members Announced

Thank you to all of you who auditioned for The A Cappella Group this year.  Once again, your excellent auditions have made this a very difficult process.  There were many really great singers that I just don't have a spot for.  Please make sure that you ask for feedback on your audition.  That is the only way that you know what to work on and be even better prepared next year.  Remember that tomorrow afternoon is our first rehearsal.


Peyton Davis
Danielle Huston
Gabrielle MacAfee
Sarah McIntyre
Maddie Slamka
Cassidy Tinkoff
Erica Wagner

Emily Alvarado
Diana Landa
Nyachombanyathiira Muchai-Kinya
Maddie Taylor
Ashlee Wallace
Jessica Wilson
Stephanie Wilson

Akeem Battle
Jacob Budreau
Aaron Luchterhand
Quinton Thomas
Josiah Vega

Jacob Davis
Christian Fernandez
David Haight
Matt James

David Norville

Choirs Earn Superiors at District MPA

The Cypress Lake Choirs both earned Superior ratings at the Florida Vocal Association District Choral Music Performance Assessment on Thursday, February 23.  Cypress Chorale wowed the crowd and the judges with their performance at the MPA.  Their emotional performance of Horizons left the crowd breathless and earned a tremendous ovation.  Chorale earned Superior ratings from all judges and a bevy of wonderful praise from audience members and other choir directors.  Intermezzo also gave a strong performance and earned an overall Superior rating from the judges as well.

Congratulations to both choirs.  You will get to hear the pieces they performed at the Spring Concert.

Choirs Head to Districts

Both Cypress Chorale and Intermezzo will head to Charlotte High School to participate in the Florida Vocal Association District Choral Music Performance Assessment (MPA).  The Cypress choirs will be performing on Thursday, February 23 between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.  Anyone is welcome to attend the event and the admission is free.

Each choir will perform two pieces on stage in front of a certified three judge adjudication panel.  The judges will evaluation the choir based on a statewide standard of excellence and award a rating.  After singing on stage, each choir will be led to a room in which they will sight read.  The choirs must sight read a rhythmic exercise and also a three or four part piece of music with only one minute to prepare for each exercise.  This is the ultimate FCAT test and students must use all of the musical knowledge to make the sight reading happen.

The buses will be leaving Charlotte High School by 5:30 and should return to Cypress by 6:30 p.m.  Parents, please remind your students to bring their concert attire with them to school tomorrow as we are leaving before school is out.

Good Luck to Both Choirs!

TAG Opens for m-pact

What a day for The A Cappella Group.  World renown a cappella group m-pact came to do a workshop with TAG on Friday, February 10th.  They sang three songs and wowed the standing room only choir room.  (Thankfully the fire marshal didn't show up)  After a good question and answer session with the group, TAG got up to perform for them.  They amazed m-pact with their performance.  One of the members commented that he had done hundreds of workshops like this and no group had every given him chills before.  m-pact was so blown away by TAG's performance that they invited them to open for them on their concert last night in downtown Fort Myers.  TAG wowed the crowd and earned a standing ovation.  Some audience members stood after every song.  m-pact then took the stage and showed why they are such a successful professional a cappella group.  It was a whirlwind trying to get the group to a performance in just a couple hours notice, but it was an amazing experience for our students.

A special thank you to m-pact for being so gracious and appreciative of our group.  It is a night that none of us will soon forget.

m-pact To Do Workshop with TAG

World renown a cappella group m-pact will be at Cypress Lake Center for the Arts this Friday, February 10 to do a workshop with our very own The A Cappella Group.  m-pact will be in concert at the Sidney & Berne Davis Arts Center in downtown Fort Myers Friday evening and we are fortunate to have them come out Friday afternoon to work with our students.  For more information on m-pact, check out their website  It should be an amazing opportunity for our students to work with this professional group.

TAG Takes 2nd Place at ICHSA Semi-Final

The A Cappella Group competed in the International Championship of High School A Cappella South Semi-Final along with 6 other groups Saturday night.  The group gave a very strong performance and earned 2nd place against some very strong competition.  One of the judges gave TAG a first place vote and two judges gave the group a second place vote.  The group just missed out on the ticket to New York City that comes with taking first place in the competition.  Quinton Thomas amazed the crowd with his performance of A Change Is Gonna Come and walked away with the Best Soloist Award.

TAG will be entering the Wild Card round of ICHSA by submitting a video of our set.  We are hoping to earn one of the three wild card spots and make a return to the ICHSA finals in New York City.  The group appeared in the 2007 finals.

Congrats to the group and to Quinton for taking best soloist honors!!!

TAG Earns Two CARA Nominations!

The A Cappella Group earned two 2012 CARA nominations for their latest album Matching Voices.  The group was nominated for

    * Best High School Album

    * Best High School Soloists for Nyachombanyathiira Muchai-Kinya on "New Soul"

The Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards are the a cappella world's Grammys.  They are given each year for excellence in a cappella recording.  These are are 9th and 10th nominations for the group over the years.  The A Cappella Group won the 2011 CARA for Best High School Soloist for Taylor Nave's performance of Many The Miles.

You can check out a listing of all the 2012 nominees here - 2012 CARAs

Congratulations to TAG for this great honor!!  You can get Matching Voices at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and many other online retailers.

Winter Cabaret Line-up Announced

Here are the acts that will be performing in the Vocal Department Cabaret this Thursday evening.  All acts must be prepared to perform during vocal tech and choir classes on Wednesday and Thursday for sound checks.  The actual order for the show will be posted closer to Thursday.

Congrats to those who made it.  Whether you made it or not, please ask for feedback from your audition so that you can get better.


Emily Alvarado & Martina Long - Take Me or Leave Me

Cassidy Tinkoff - I Hope You Dance

Ashlee Wallace & Lauren Cathell - Landslide

Aurora Mitchell & David Haight - The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room

Jasper Walker - Save Room

Dara Craig - In Your Arms

Jade Lusk - Gravity

Sarah McIntyre - The Best Day

Quinton Thomas - Ordinary People

Ashley Hudson & Darby Finnegan - Jesus Take the Wheel

Candice Bradshaw - Chasing Pavements

Darien McGinnis & Peyton Davis - The Song That Goes Like This

Diana Landa with Stefanie, Carrissa & Nicole - You & I

Erica Wagner - Fly, Fly Away

Danielle Huston - Time After Time

Josiah Vega - Hey There Delilah

Nyachombanyathiira Muchai-Kinya with Imani Nugent & Gaby Alicea - Sweet Dreams

Megan Bowen - Angels on the Moon

Taylor Fileman - Arms

Emily Alvarado - I'm Not Afraid


TAG Appears on WGCU Radio

Diana Landa, Quinton Thomas and Mr. Stroh were the guests on WGCU Radio's Gulf Coast Live Arts Edition on Thursday, December 22.  The show focused on The A Cappella Group's latest album Matching Voices.  We talked about making Matching Voices and the students each got to talk a little about themselves.  If you would like to listen to the show, it is available on the WGCU website - http://www.wgcu.org/Gulf-Coast-Live/arts-edition-the-a-cappella-groups-4th-album-under-azure-skies

If you are listening, we are the second half of the one hour program, so you may want to fast forward to the 30 minute mark.

Whet You Appetite Acts

The following acts will represent the vocal department in the Whet Your Appetite concert this Wednesday evening.  Thank you to all who auditioned.

Josiah Vega, Jasper Walker & Ashley Hudson - Save The Last Dance

Ashlee Wallace, Diana Landa & Nyachombanyathiira Muchai-Kinya - Someone Like You

Candice Bradshaw - Ironic

Emily Alvarado - A Fine, Fine Line

Aaron Luchterhand, Zack Boutchyard & Emily Alvarado - Over The Rainbow


The following acts will perform in the pre-concert cabaret on October 11

Maddie Taylor - Penguin

Darien McGinnis - Hungarian Piano Solo

Peyton Davis & Zack Boutchyard - Need You Now

Megan Bowen - Breakable

Juan Carlos Diaz & Nyachombanyathiira Muchai-Kinya - Quando Quando

Bye Bye Birdie Cast List Announced

Here it is. 

  ROSIE ALVAREZ Marina Brochin
  CONRAD BIRDIE Zach Boutchyard
  MAE PETERSON Sloan Brettholtz
  HARRY MACAFEE Dallas Stobb
  DORIS MACAFEE Natasha Sowka
  KIM MACAFEE Halie Boling
  HUGO PEABODY Corey Robinson
  URSULA MERKLE Martina Long
  HARVEY JOHNSON Darien McGinnis
  DEBRA SUE Peyton Davis
  ALICE Lily Anderson
  PENELOPE ANN Kelly Johnson
  MARGIE Maddie Tayloir
  HELEN Erica Wagner
  NANCY Brittany Rincon
  SUZIE Sarah McIntyre
  BETTY JEAN Tricia Garmager
  LINDA Emily Moser
  TAMMY Jessie Ditzel
  RHONDA Sammie Klare
  JOYCE Paige Anderson
  WANDA Teresina Lemons
  RUTH Imani Nugent
  BONNIE Jennifer Carter
  KARL/DISHWASHER Lambert Barnes
  PETER/SHRINER Nate Huffman
  SLIM/TV CREW Nick Huston
  DEANO/TV CREW Vincent Patino
  PACKY/SHRINER Garrett Nowlin
  MILT/SHRINER John McCullers
  MRS. MERKLE Christina Carrieri
  MAYOR'S WIFE Angelina Torre
  ADULT ENSEMBLE Danielle Huston
  ADULT ENSEMBLE Caroline Farrell

TAG - 2011-2012 Edition

Thank you for your patience with this process.  I have listened to many of your auditions over and over as I made these selections.  I do not take these lightly and really work to get the best singers into the group.  Thank all of you for auditioning!!  It is always hard to choose because I like all of you so much.  This is the absolute worst part of my job.


With that said -  Here it is


2011-2012 The A Cappella Group


Megan Bowen

Candice Bradshaw

Peyton Davis

Danielle Huston

Sarah McIntyre

Cassidy Tinkoff

Tori Woodcock



Emily Alvarado

Diana Landa

Nyachombanyathiira Muchai-Kinya

Ashlee Wallace

Jessica Wilson

Stephanie Wilson



Zach Boutchyard

Christian Fernandez

Aaron Luchterhand

Josiah Vega



Darien McGinnis

Collin Davis



Aurora Mitchell

New Member Information

We would like to welcome all of our new members and are looking forward to getting to know all of you. As a new member to the vocal department, there are two requirements that you will need to purchase.

The first item is concert attire. For the ladies, we use a long black formal dress. All band, orchestra and choir ladies wear the same dress. We order these dresses through the school during early September so they arrive before the first concert. You will be measured and try on some sample sizes before they are ordered. The cost of the dress will be $63.00.  For the gentlemen, you will need a tuxedo.  We use a standard black tuxedo with a standard length jacket.  We have an agreement with Black Tie Tuxedos in Island Park for a great deal on the tux.  Please make sure you get it ordered in time for the first concert in early October.  Gentlemen will pay for their tuxedos to whichever place you choose to purchase it.  Ladies will pay the school for the concert dress.

The second item that you will need is a choir folder. This is a high quality folder that has many features and is personalized with your name embossed on the front. With proper care, it will last the entire time you are at Cypress Lake. The cost for the folder is $27.00.

Both of these are one time expenses and both the dress and the folder can be used for your entire time in the vocal department.

Intermezzo Pronunciation Guide

Intermezzo Girls - You can check out the pronunciation guide for Koudjay here



Go to concert works from the menu at the bottom.  Once the page loads, there is a button that says, click here for sample scores, text, translations and practice tracks.  Hit that button and then scroll to about the middle of the page to find the pronunciation track for Koudjay.

High Tide Earns 3 CARA Nominations

The latest TAG CD High Tide has earned three nominations in the 2011 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards.  The awards, which are the a cappella world's Grammy, announced the nominations on February 1.  High Tide was nominated for Best High School Album.  Everything I'm Not was nominated as Best High School Song and Taylor Nave was nominated for Best High School Soloists for her singing on Many The Miles.  This marks the third time that TAG albums have been nominated for CARA awards.  For more information on the 2011 CARAs, check out www.casa.org

Here is the complete list of High School nominations:


Come Alive by Town Criers (Weston HS)
Debate Club by The Jewel Tones (Marblehead HS)
Electrify by Eleventh Hour (Kettering Fairmont HS)
High Tide by The A Cappella Group (Cypress Lake Center for the Arts)
The Acapelican EP by XIV Hours (Durham Academy)



All the Above” on Come Alive by Town Criers (Weston HS)
Earth” on The Acapelican EP by XIV Hours (Durham Academy)
Everything I’m Not” on High Tide by The A Cappella Group (Cypress Lake Center for the Arts)
Santa Claus is Coming to Town” on The Sing-Off: Harmonies for the Holidays by Eleventh Hour (Kettering Fairmont HS)
“Woods” on Half Step Up by Cary Grove Jazz Choir (Cary Grove HS)



Ari Conte for “Gravity” on Debate Club by The Jewel Tones (Marblehead HS)
Colton Jones for “Get Ready” on Electrify by Eleventh Hour (Kettering Fairmont HS)
Jackie Hill for “Autumn Leaves” on Half Step Up by Cary Grove Jazz Choir (Cary Grove HS)
Nolan Neu for “Feeling Good” on Come Alive by Town Criers (Weston HS)
Taylor Nave for “Many the Miles” on High Tide by The A Cappella Group (Cypress Lake Center for the Arts)


Congratulations to TAG for earning these honors.  The winners will be announced on April 1.

Cabaret Line-up Announced

The Winter Vocal Department Cabaret will take place Thursday, February 3 in the Cypress Lake High School Auditorium.  These are the acts that will be appearing.  These acts are listed in no particular order.  All acts must supply a short bio and introduction to Michaela no later than Thursday during school.  All acts will rehearse during the school day on Wednesday and Thursday, so be prepared.


Emily Alvarado - Breathe

Martina Long - Bound To You

Megan Bowen - Somewhere Only We Know

Cassidy Tinkoff - Taylor the Latte Boy

Tony Sansone - Taylor's Rebuttal

Sarah McIntyre - If I Die Young

Peyton Davis - Bist Du Bei Mir

Haley Huston - Dream

Michaela Slamka - Hidden Away

Haley Huston & Danielle Huston - My Immortal

Diana Landa - If I Ain't Got You

Erica Wagner - Diva's Lament

Maddie Taylor - The Way I Am

Emma Coleman - Give Me A Chance

Alyssa Ambrose - Edge of Desire

Ashlee Wallace - The One That Got Away

Justine Fitzgerald - Ain't No Sunshine

Joelle Flowers - I'm Ready For Love

Candice Bradshaw - Fairytale

Nyachombanyathiira Muchai-Kinya - Killing Me Softly

Haley Boling - Somewhere That's Green

TAG on Concert 90

The A Cappella Group was feature on Concert 90, WGCU a few weeks ago.  If you would like to listen to the interview, you can find it here - http://wgcu.org/programs/gulfcoastlive/    Simply scroll down until you see High Tide/Barry Manilow.  Yes, we were the lead story and Barry Manilow followed us. 

TAG Wows FMEA Crowd

The A Cappella Group performed at the 2011 Florida Music Educators Conference yesterday and wowed the music teachers that filled the hall.  They opened the Second General Session with a 4 song set as part of a theme of contemporary music education.  It was the debut performance of our new song Glitter In The Air and the crowd loved it.  We closed with our traditional standard Kingdom in the Sky and it brought the house down.  The group was amazed that the crowed got all of the jokes in Kingdom and laughed throughout.  The end of the song brought the crowd enthusiastically to their feet as the group bowed and exited the stage.  Congratulations to the group for being invited to perform and for coming through when it counted.

Welcome Concert 90 Listeners

Welcome to all of the Concert 90 listeners.  Thanks for visiting our site.  We had a great time on the radio today and are very excited to share our music with the listeners over the radio.  If you are interested in getting a copy of our latest CD, High Tide, you have come to the right place.

The easiest way to send us a check and we will send you a CD.  Make the check out to Cypress Lake High School and mail it to: Cypress Lake High School, 6740 Panther Lane, Fort Myers, FL  33919

High Tide is only $10 and we will pick up the postage.  We are also offering a special of High Tide and our last CD Long Overdue for only $15.

You can also get the album on iTunes.  Search for "The A Cappella Group" and it will be the first thing to come up.

Thanks again for checking us out!!

Intermezzo Learning Tracks

Members of Intermezzo - Your learning tracks are now in the music section.  Koudjay is there and has two versions of each part.  There is a slow version and a version that is at the written tempos.  There is also a mixdown that has all of the parts if you want to test yourself once you have your part learned.  You can also hear a version of the original at http://www.waltonmusic.com/Sound14/Koudjay/ 

Have fun and DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!

Nine selected to play Morsani Hall

Our production of Nine has been selected to play at the Florida State Thespian Festival.  The production will be in Morsani Hall at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center on March 18.  This marks the second year in a row that Cypress Lake Center for the Arts has achieved this honor of taking our musical to Morsani Hall.  Last year Sweet Charity played to 1,554 people at the Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall and 2,600 people at Morsani Hall.

We are currently in the planning stages for a possible Barbara B Mann Performance of Nine in preparation for the State performance.  We will make an announcement as soon as we have something finalized.

Congratulations to all cast and crew for earning this honor for two years in a row.


The new album from The A Cappella Group, High Tide, has earned it's first award.  The song Many The Miles has been selected to appear on the 2011 Best of High School A Cappella compilation CD.  BOHSA features outstanding song from high school a cappella groups from around the world.  TAG has appeared previously on the 2006 and 2008 BOHSA CDs and is thrilled to be selected again.  The album High Tide is available by following the link in the BUY section of this site.  It is also available on iTunes by searching The A Cappella Group.

Michaela Selected for National Honor Choir

Michaela Slamka was selected to be a member of the American Choral Directors Association National Women's Honor Choir.  Over 1,200 ladies from tenth grade to college auditioned to be a part of the choir and 300 were selected.  Michaela will get to sing with the best singers from around the country in Chicago in March of 2011.  This is quite an honor and we are very excited for Michaela.  Cypress Lake hasn't had a National Honor Choir participant since 2003. 

Congratulations Michaela!!! 

Welcome Morning Blend Viewers

Thank you so much for visiting our site.  If you are looking for information on getting a copy of High Tide, you came to the right place.  You can check out the BUY link on the left menu and click on High Tide.  That will take you to CD Baby.  You can listen to audio samples of the CD.  If you would like to purchase a copy, you can contact Mr. Stroh directly by e-mail and get a copy for only $10 instead of $14 at CD Baby.  We are also having a special of High Tide and our last CD Long Overdue for only $15.  If you contact us here at school you won't have to pay for the shipping cost either.  High Tide is also available on iTunes.  Just search "The A Cappella Group" and the CD should pop up.

Thanks again for visiting and we hope to hear from you soon.

TAG to Appear on Morning Blend

The A Cappella Group will appear on the FOX 4 Morning Blend show on Wednesday, October 27.  The group taped the show this morning and the segment will air in the second half of the one hour morning show.  The group will be singing Mama Who Bore Me.  They also interviewed Mr. Stroh and Michaela Slamka and had Michaela sing an impromptu Killing Me Softly.  The hosts of the show and the crew were very impressed with the group and wished us luck on our album sales.  We also recorded Dreams, which will air sometime during a December show.  Fox 4 will let us know when they plan to use Dreams.

Thanks again to Fox 4 for giving The A Cappella Group the opportunity to perform.


Cool New Banner

Thanks to Megan Bowen for our cool new banner.  If you would like to be included in our next home page banner, please get Megan Bowen a photo of you in either concert attire or Madrigal attire and your lovely face could grace our home page too!  Thanks again Megan!!

Whet Your Appetite Acts Announced

Thanks to everyone who auditioned.  The following acts will be featured in the Whet Your Appetite concert on Thursday night.  I am also listed students who will perform in the first pre-concert cabaret at our Fall Choral Concert.

Whet Your Appetite Acts

Emma Coleman - Who Do You Think You Are?

Lily Anderson and Martina Long - For Good

Maddie Taylor - Shoot The Moon

Nyachombanyathiira Muchai-Kinya - True Colors

Justine Fitzgerald - Warrick Avenue


Pre-Concert Cabaret

Emily Alvarado - When I Look At You

Ashlee Wallace - You Say

Cassidy Tinkoff - Samson

Erica Wagner - Not For The Life of Me

High Tide has arrived!!

The much anticipated third album from our award winning The A Cappella Group has arrived.  This CD is by far our best release to date and you won't believe how good it is.  You can get your copy for only $10.  It will also be available on CD Baby later this week.  Don't miss out - Get Yours Today!!!

New York Trip Information

The itinerary and registration form for the New York City trip for spring of 2011 is now in the DOCUMENTS section of the website.  The trip will include performances at the amazing Riverside Church with Heritage Festivals, two Broadway shows, and lots of sight-seeing and shopping.  Please take some time to go over the information.

There will be a parent meeting to give you details about the trip Tuesday, September 21 at 7:00 pm in the choir room.

Registration forms and a deposit of $65 is due by Monday, September 27th.

Whet Your Appetite Deadline

Thanks everyone, especially the officers, for a great Choir Bash.  I believe that I have managed to get all of the marshmallow cleaned off.


I would like to remind everyone about the auditions for the upcoming Whet Your Appetite concert.  The deadline for auditioning will be Friday, September 24.  You can audition after school or in your Vocal Tech class.  We are looking for 5 to 6 acts to represent the vocal department.  Please make sure that your audition is your best performance.  You must have your background track or live musician and you should perform like you would perform at the concert. 

Cast Lists Announced

Thank you to all who auditioned.  You made this a very difficult and exciting process for us.

The first rehearsal for NINE will be held on Monday, September 13th from 2:00 - 4:30 p.m. in the Blackbox Theatre. 




GUIDO CONTINI - Dallas Stobb


LOUISA CONTINI – Christina Carrieri


CLAUDIA NARDI - Allison Scott

GUIDO'S MOTHER – Melissa Schnoor

LILIANE LaFLEUR – Sloan Brettholtz


OUR LADY OF THE SPA - Haley Huston

MAMA MADDELENA - Brittany Rincon


LINA DARLING - Angelina Torre

DIANA - Marina Brochin

MARIA - Justine Fitzgerald

FRANCESCA - Martina Long

ANNABELLA - Diana Landa

GIULIETTA - Jami Busch

RENATA - Jordyn Casino

OLGA VON STURM - Caroline Farrell

HEIDI VON STURM - Danielle Huston

ILSE VON HESSE - Lauren Brodd


A GONDOLIER - Eli Baldwin

THE CARDINAL - Christopher Hughes

A NUN - Kayla Towle

DANCERS - Paige Anderson, Janette Bautista, Halie Boling, Robelsie Collado, Jessie Ditzel, Chelsea Green, Sammie Klare, Hannah Luckow, Emily Moser,  Imani Nugent , Ashley St. Hubin, Jessica Zizzo




RONA LISA PERETTI – Michaela Slamka           





MARCY PARK – Natasha Ponciano


DOUGLAS PANCHE - Corey Robinson

MITCH MAHONEY - Quinton Thomas

2010-2011 A Cappella Group Announced

Here is the news that you have all been waiting for.  This year was particularly difficult to decide.  The hard part for me usually comes down to two girls for one spot.  This year, the decision was between 6 or 7 girls for a couple of spots.  Congratulations to you all for having such strong performances in your auditions this year.  We lost some very strong soloists to graduation, but after hearing the auditions this year, it looks like we are going to be just fine.

As I listen to auditions and put member after member on the "short list," I realized that I was in trouble.  In order to make the last few cuts, I had to really apply the focus of the group to the audition criteria.  This is a contemporary ensemble and I feel that I need to pick the voices that fit that style better.  I even decided to add an extra girl spot from the normal 6 sopranos and 6 altos to make my job a little easier.

For those of you who didn't make it, I am more than happy to discuss your audition with you.  I highly recommend that you all do this so you know what to focus on for future auditions.

Our first rehearsal will be tomorrow evening, August 31 from 6-8.  We have a gig Wednesday morning during 2nd Block.  I'm pretty sure that just returning members will perform at this performance.

And now, without further ado - Here is the 2010-2011 A Cappella Group



Megan Bowen (I)

Candice Bradshaw (II)

Peyton Davis (II)

Haley Huston (I)

Michaela Slamka (II)

Cassidy Tinkoff (I)



Justine Fitzgerald (I)

Diana Landa (I)

Martina Long (II)

Nyachumbanyathiira Muchai-Kinya

Eden Shelton (II)

Ashley Wallace (II)

Stephanie Weinberg (I)



Tony Sansone

Quinton Thomas



Collin Davis

Neil Egan

Darrien McGinnis

The A Cappella Group Results

Unfortunately I am not going to be able to announce the results this evening.  The technology part of Thursday's audition was a nightmare and as 4 people didn't get recorded because of microphone failure and 4 people didn't say their name on the recording they made.  If you auditioned on Thursday and you are a girl, I am probably going to need to hear you sing Breathe sometime Monday.  I am planning to do it when I have all of you for class.  Sorry for the delay. 

TAG Audition Material

The sheet music and learning tracks for the TAG audition are now up.  Get Busy!!!

Calendar Dates

We are currently finalizing all of the events for the school year.  I will be updating and adding to the calendar section of the site during this week.  Please double check all events as the dates may change while we are finalizing the calendar.  It should be complete and up to date by Saturday.  Parents and students alike should check the calendar often to make sure you are aware of upcoming events and deadlines.

TAG Auditions

As the first day of school approaches, it is time to get ready for auditions for The A Cappella Group.  The auditions will be the first week of school and our first performance will be the second week of school.  In the near future (hopefully by this evening some time) the sheet music for the audition will be available in the DOCUMENTS section of the website.  There should also be learning tracks available in the MUSIC section.  There is a detailed description of what you need to do in the CALENDAR section under the TAG audition..  Please read them carefully and follow all of the advice.

I hope you all had a great summer and are looking forward to coming back to school!!  See you Monday!

Fall Musical Announcement

We are please to announce that the fall musical will be NineNine is a musical with a book by Arthur Kopit, music and lyrics by Maury Yeston. The story is based on Federico Fellini's semi-autobiographical film 8 1/2. It focuses on film director Guido Contini, savoring his most recent (and greatest) success but dreading his imminent 40th birthday and a midlife crisis blocking his creative impulses and entangling him in a web of romantic difficulties in early-1960s Venice.  There was a film version released earlier this year, but it is not very faithful to the original musical.

The original Broadway production won the Tony Award for Best Musical in 1982 and the 2003 revival won the Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical.

Auditions for the musical will take place August 31 - September 3 from 2-4:30 each day.  Please check the calendar section for many more details about audition requirements.


I hope everyone is having a great summer!  As I am writing this, you all have four weeks left before we get back at it.  As these four weeks fly past, keep checking the site for information that you will need to be ready to go back to school.  Most of the calendar dates for next year are already on the site.  Music for the TAG audition will be up the week before school starts and there will be several articles aimed at new members to get you ready to join the vocal department.

Enjoy your time off and I look forward to seeing all of you soon!!

Choir Banquet Ticket Deadline Approaching

Tuesday, June 1 will be the final day to get your Vocal Department Banquet tickets.  We must give the caterer a number of attendees by Tuesday evening.  Please make sure you send in money with your student so that we can have everyone attend.  Tickets are free for graduating seniors and $10 for all others.

TAG To Head Back Into the Studio

The A Cappella Group is preparing to record their third album in June.  It will be the first time the group has been recorded since 2007.  As you may remember, both TAG - We're It! and Long Overdue were both nominated for multiple Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARAs).  Each album also had a song selected to appear on the Best of High School A Cappella Compilation CD.  We are very excited to get back into the studio and record this year's group.  They have had a great year and are sounding amazing.

Unfortunately the studio that recorded our first two CDs is no longer able to help us.  However, this has opened up a new and exciting path.  We are going to be recorded by a studio that specializes in contemporary a cappella.  They will actually come down to the school and set up a mobile studio for an intensive three or four day session.  This studio has had tracks appear on multiple Best of College A Cappella and Best of High School A Cappella CDs.  We can't wait to hear the results!!

As is always the case, this project will cost a lot more than we currently have.  We are asking for sponsorships to make this project a reality.  Your kind donation will also include one of the first copies of our new CD.  We are asking for a minimum sponsorship of $25.00 in order to receive your free CD, but any amount is welcomed.

There are two ways to donate.  You can write a check payable to Cypress Lake High School.  You can send your check to the school at 6740 Panther Lane, Fort Myers, FL  33919.  Make sure you address the envelope to Gary Stroh.  You may also use the Paypal button below.  If you use Paypal, you will be sending money to Mr. Stroh's personal account.  Your money will then forwarded to Cypress Lake High School in the name of the sender.  Regardless of the method of payment, you will receive a thank you letter from Cypress Lake High School that can be used as your charitable donation receipt.

Thank you for helping and I'm sure that you will be impressed with our new CD soon.


Sponsor Options

Intermezzo Heading to State

The girls in Intermezzo are heading to the Florida Vocal Association State Music Performance Assessment.  After wowing the judges and audience at the district MPA, the girls will be taking their show on the road.  They are hoping to impress the state judges just as much.  For more details, check out the itinerary in the Documents section of this site.

Good Luck Intermezzo!!

Sweet Charity Brings Down the House

Our production of Sweet Charity was a rousing success as it played to a Morsani Hall crowd of 2,600 enthusiastic conference attendees.  It was a magical evening for our students who wowed and amazed the crowd throughout the evening and was capped by a magical standing ovation that was nearly deafening.  We have been so fortunate to have played to 1,554 people at Barbara B. Mann Hall and then 2,600 people at Morsani Hall.  These two shows will be remembered by our students for the rest of their lives.

There are pictures of the Florida State Thespian Festival in the Tampa Tribune.  Scroll through the photos to see the Sweet Charity photos near the end.  http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2010/photo_galleries/thespian_2010/

Sweet Charity a Success!!

It was a magical evening at the Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall as Cypress Lake Center for the Arts presented Sweet Charity.  A crowd of 1,554 people came out to see the one night only engagement.  The huge crowd seemed to love every minute of it and gave a rousing standing ovation at the end.  It has been a crazy month preparing for the show but every minute of the experience was worth all of the effort.  Thanks to all of you who came out to support us and enjoy a wonderful night of theatre.  Our next stop is now Morsani Hall on April 9th.

Welcome Prospective Members

It was great to see so many prospective students at last night's Panther Showcase.  We hope that you are planning to join the Panther family.  Take a look around the site.  If you have any questions about the auditions or how the vocal department operates, just go to the contact info and Mr. Stroh a message.  If you would like to see a great display of talent in the Vocal Department, come to the Vocal Cabaret this Thursday evening.  Just mention that you are an 8th grade student planning to audition for the Vocal Department and you will be given a free ticket.  We hope to see your there.

Cabaret Line-up Announced

The Vocal Department Cabaret is Thursday, Feb. 4 at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium.  Tickets are $5.00 and all vocal department members are required to be there.


Here are the acts that will be performing.  These are not in performance order.  All acts must provide an introduction on a note card.  Introduction should include brief information about the performers and something about the song.  It should be written neatly.


Ashlee Wallace - Stay (Sugarland)

Abe Cerra - King and Queen of Our Time

Alissa Roca & Marcello Marsalli - Stay Frederick Stay

Sarah McIntyre - Come Fly With Me

Candice Bradshaw - I'm Not Afraid

Diana Landa - Almost Lover

Cassidy Tinkoff - Stay (Lisa Loeb)

Danielle Huston - Stars and the Moon

Cassi Lee - The Sound of You and I

Emma Coleman -Who Will Save Your Soul

Justine Fitzgerald - Don't Cry Out Loud

Averie Bendana - Don't Know Why

Michaela Slamka - And So It Goes

Amanda Cotto with Max Hoffman - Realize

Brittany Newland - Get Here

Lauren Davis and Shadoe Valentin - The Prayer

Amanda, Haley, Justine & Marie - Party in the USA

Cassie, Brittani and Cassi - You Are My Sunshine

Eden Shelton - Feeling Good

Taylor Nave - Hallelujah

Quenton Thomas - So High

Sweet Charity Selected for State!

Our production of Sweet Charity has been selected to perform at the 2010 Florida State Thespian Conference.  The show will play in Morsani Hall at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center on Friday, April 9th.  Morsani Hall is a 2,610 seat main hall at TBPAC and houses Broadway National Tours, Orchestra, Opera and Ballets.  This is an amazing opportunity for our students to be able to perform in one of the greatest halls in the South.

As a warm-up and fundraiser for this event, we have arranged to perform the show locally at Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall in late March.  Dates and ticket info will be posted as soon as it is finalized.

Congratulations to our cast, orchestra and crew for this outstanding achievement!!

New TAG Learning Tracks

New learning tracks for The A Cappella Group are now up in the music section.  Go all the way to the last page to find them.

Parent Meeting

We are holding a vocal dept. parent meeting on this Thursday, October 29th at 7 PM at the Reflection Lakes clubhouse.  This meeting is to get started on the Madrigal Dinner preparations.  We need a lot of help to make this annual event happen.  Please call Carole Davis at 872-7277 for directions and to RSVP.  We hope to see you there.

German Choir to be Guest Artists

The Cypress Lake Center for the Arts Vocal Department is proud to welcome Young Voices from Egeln, Germany as guest artists for our Fall Choral Concert.  This 25 member choir consists of graduates and students of Egeln High School as a way of continuing to sing after high school.  The now 10 year old choir has won numerous awards throughout Germany and Europe and are very excited to be making their American debut.  They will be in Florida for 9 days and we are fortunate to be able to host them for one of their concerts.  The group will get a chance to meet and interact with our own vocal students during two school days, and then we will sing a combined number to end the concert.

Also featured on the concert will be our choirs from Cypress Lake Center for the Arts.  The Concert Choir, Intermezzo Women's Choir, Cypress Chorale and The A Cappella Group will all perform.  The concert is Thursday, October 15 at 7:00 p.m. in the Cypress Lake High School Auditorium.

For more information on Young Voices, check out their website - http://www.youngvoices.de/index.html

New Website Now Up and Running

Our new website, which is actually our old website, is now back up and running. It should be completely up to date by the end of his weekend. Thanks for your patience and we look forward to a much more functional website.

Sweet Charity Cast List Posted

Thanks to the over 100 students that auditioned for the production this year.  It is always quite a daunting task to pare that number down.  If we were not able to cast you, I hope that you will consider still being a part of the show, by working on the technical side.




And now without further ado..........




Charity - Kacie Phillips

Helene - Allison Scott

Nickie - Natasha Poinciano

Carmen - Brittany Rincon

Rosie - Rachel Freeze

Suzanne - Ashley Forrester

Frenchy - Eden Shelton

Betsy - Brooke Cole

Elaine - Krissy Martin

Ursula - Katy Gibble

Oscar - Jeremy Miller

Vittorio - Mike Nance

Herman - Ian Castro

Daddy - Joey Whitesman

Asst #1 - Tony Sansone

Asst #2 - Lucas Nunn


Female Ensemble

Jordan Albright

Sloan Brettholtz

Amanda Cotto

Marissa Daher

Raven Day

Jessie Ditzel

Justine Fitzgerald

Quintaysia Goodley

Ali Hooks

Haley Huston

Hannah Luckow

Christine Magers

Sarah McIntyre

Rachel Moser

Taylor Nave

Brittani Newland

Lindsey Palmquist

Savannah Reid

Olivia Rodriguez

Michaela Slamka

Jayne Telusma

Stephanie Weinberg

Nicole Willis


Male Ensemble

Wil Harbison

Willie Filkowski

Dallas Stobb

Eli Baldwin

Eric Callari

Chris Cooper

Philip Gold

Matthew Hengel

Corey Robinson

Daniel Rye

TAG Auditions Results

The results are in.  After hours of listening to the same auditions over and over and trading names back and forth, I have finally settled on this year's TAG members.  As the upperclassmen know, this is the day of the year I dread the most.  I know how many of you are hoping and praying and it is so hard to cut it down to just a few members.  For all of you who auditioned, thank you and there were some great auditions this year.  I will be happy to provide feedback  on your strenths and weaknesses so you can improve.  I highly recommend that you do this.  I will also play you parts of your audition and go over some things with you.


The list is in alphabetical order.


Can I have a drum roll please.............



Candace Bradshaw

Haley Huston

Cassi Lee

Brittani Newland

Alissa Roca

Michaela Slamka



Alyssa Ambrose

Lauren Davis

Justine Fitzgerald

Taylor Nave

Eden Shelton

Stephanie Weinberg



Ian Castro

Tony Sansone

Mike Nance

Wil Harbison



Lucas Nunn

Colin Davis

Neal Eagan



Paul Gavin

T.A.G. Earns Three CARA Nominations

Cypress Lake Center for the Arts very own The A Cappella Group has been recognized for their latest album Long Overdue.  Long Overdue has been nominated in three categories for the 2009 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards.  The awards, which are the a cappella world's version of the Grammys, honor outstanding albums in a variety of categories ranging from professional groups to high school groups.


The A Cappella Group's latest album has been nominated in the following categories:

*Best High School Album

*Best High School Song for "Karmastistion"

* Best High School Solo - Katie Campbell for "Hands"


The A Cappella Group has been nominated before.  In 2007, T.A.G. - We're It! was nominated for Best High School Album and "Bring Me To Life" was nominated for Best High School Song.  The winners will be announced on April 1, 2009, so we are hoping for more good news.  You can see the entire list of nominees at http://www.casa.org/node/1656"\o"Cara Nominations"


Congratulations to all of the members of The A Cappella Group for this outstanding achievement.

Madrigal Dinner Help Needed

Attention Parents!!! We are in desperate need of some more volunteers to make the Madrigal Dinner possible. We need volunteers to make the homemade gingerbread cakes and the mini cheesecake tarts. You will be given a recipe and the ingredients if you need them. Many parent typically donate the ingredients, but we can provide them if you can only volunteer to make the items. We also need 3 to 4 more parents to work each night in the kitchen. The students do all of the work in the front of the house, but we need parents to help in the kitchen. Again, we have detailed instructions for all of the jobs, we just need some more volunteers to help work it. We also are looking for food donations if you are able. Here is a list of the items we still need. Soda (coke, diet coke, sprite) unsweetened tea sweetened tea decaffeinated coffee (2 cans) water cherry tomatoes half and half cheese chunk for cubing(swiss, cheddar, colby jack, pepper jack)(7 lbs each) Grapes (green & red) (24lbs each) butter pats We hope you can do your part to help make our holiday tradition a reality.

Cypress Set to Host ICHSA South

Cypress Lake Center for the Arts has been selected as the host for the 2009 International Championship of High School A Cappella South Semi-Final. The event on March 14th, will feature the finest high school a cappella groups in the South competing for a spot in the National Finals at Lincoln Center. There will also be a special guest college group that will be announced soon. Mark your calendars to see this great event as our very own T.A.G. tries to regain their 2007 South title and earn another trip to New York City.

Trip Deposits and Forms Due Wednesday

The $65.00 deposit and the trip registration forms for the Colorado trip are due Wednesday, October 8. Please make sure you get these in to reserve your spot. The deposit is refundable up until December 1, 2008. If you have lost your trip packet, the entire packet is on the website in the document section. Each person going on the trip needs a completed trip registration form. Dont' miss this important deadline - Get yours in today!!!!

Colorado Trip Itinerary Online

The preliminary itinerary for the Colorado trip is now online. It includes a detailed itinerary, cost breakdown, registration form and the payment schedule. It is in the document section. The first payment deadline in October 8th, so get your form in and make sure you have a spot.

Producers and TAG Learning Tracks

There are now learning tracks for cast members of The Producers and members of The A Cappella Group. The tracks are in the music section in a group folder all the way at the bottom of the list.

T-Shirt Designs

There are now T-shirt and Hoodie design for you to view in the photo section. Please look at all of them and then let us know which designs you like best and what you would like them on, a t-shirt or a hoodie. Once you have picked your favorites, please post for them in the guestbook.

The Producers Cast Announced!

Max Bialystock – Parker Slaybaugh Leo Bloom – Eli Johnson Ulla – Kacie Phillips Roger DeBris – Conner Zerilla Carmen Ghia – Jeremy Miller Franz Liebkind – Tony Franz Ensemble – (Detailed Below) Jordan Albright Eli Baldwin Michael Bertino Tyler Bottema Kristin Buckingham Jami Busch Brianna Childress Maicie Clark Brooke Cole Amanda Cotto Lauren Davis Willie Filkowski Morgan Finerty Ashley Forrester Rachel Freeze Wil Harbison Jackie Hassett Haley Huston Haely Jardas Krissy Martin Kailyn Mitchell Mike Nance Taylor Nave Brittani Newland Olivia Rodriguez Tony Sansone Allison Scott Eden Shelton Daniel Spikowski Christian Steffens Sophie Stein McKenzee Stephens Meg Tullos Osvaldo Vargas Bonita Violette Joey Whitesman Nicole Willis Detailed Ensemble Parts – USHERETTE #1 – Brooke Cole USHERETTE #2 – Kristin Buckingham FIRST NIGHTERS – Tony Sansone & Taylor Nave Daniel Spikowski & Bonita Violette Eli Baldwin & Haley Huston Wil Harbison & Olivia Rodriguez Osvaldo Vargas & Brittani Newland Christian Steffens & Meg Tullos Kailyn Mitchell & Sophie Stein WORKMAN – Willie Filkowski BLIND VIOLINIST – Joey Whitesman BUM – Wil Harbison BAG LADY – Haely Jardas NUNS – McKenzee Stephens & Rachel Freeze STREET CLEANER – Mike Nance LATE NIGHTERS – Nicole Willis Brianna Childress Lauren Davis Eli Baldwin Osvaldo Vargas Allison Scott Jordan Albright Jackie Hassett Tony Sansone Daniel Spikowski Maicie Clark Morgan Finerty Ashley Forrester Jami Busch Christian Steffens Eden Shelton Amanda Cotto Tyler Bottema HOLD ME – TOUCH ME – Krissy Martin LICK ME – BITE ME – Morgan Finerty KISS ME – FEEL ME – Lauren Davis LITTLE OLD LADIES Haely Jardas Haley Huston Maicie Clark Amanda Cotto Jami Busch Olivia Rodriguez Brooke Cole Ashley Forrester Kristin Buckingham Allison Scott Taylor Nave Rachel Freeze Eden Shelton Kailyn Mitchell Nicole Willis Jordan Albright Sophie Stein Meg Tullos McKenzee Stephens Brianna Childress Brittani Newland Jackie Hassett ACCOUNTANTS – Wil Harbison Daniel Spikowski Tony Sansone Joey Whitesman Osvaldo Vargas Christian Steffens Mike Nance Willie Filkowski Eli Baldwin Tyler Bottema MR. MARKS – Michael Bertino GIRLS WITH PEARLS McKenzee Stephens Rachel Freeze Brooke Cole Eden Shelton Ashley Forrester Jordan Albright Maicie Clark Allison Scott Nicole Willis Brianna Childress MISFIT SHOWGIRL – Bonita Violette CHAMPAGNE GIRLS – Taylor Nave Jami Busch Lauren Davis Haley Huston Morgan Finerty Meg Tullos Kristin Buckingham Jackie Hassett Haely Jardas Amanda Cotto Brittani Newland Olivia Rodriguez Sophie Stein Kailyn Mitchell PIGEONS Christian Steffens Willie Filkowski Daniel Spikowski Joey Whitesman BRYAN, THE SET DESIGNER – Osvaldo Vargas KEVIN, THE COSTUME DESIGNER – Tony Sansone SCOTT, THE CHOREOGRAPHER – Wil Harbison SHIRLEY MARKOWITZ – Bonita Violette SABU, THE HOUSEKEEPER – Mike Nance AMERICAN INDIAN – Christian Steffens POLICEMAN – Daniel Spikowski CONSTRUCTION WORKER – Tyler Bottema COWBOY – Eli Baldwin MILITARY/NAVY – Joey Whitesman JACK LAPIDUS – Eli Baldwin DONALD DINSMORE – Willie Filkowski JASON GREEN – Micheal Bertino AUDITIONING HITLERS – Tony Sansone Daniel Spikowski Osvaldo Vargas Taylor Nave Jordan Albright Wil Harbison Joey Whitesman Mike Nance Haely Jardas Jackie Hassett Tyler Bottema Kailyn Mitchell Sophie Stein PIANIST – Christian Steffens TICKET TAKER – Joey Whitesman BAVARIAN PEASANTS – Eli Baldwin Bonita Violette Krissy Martin Kailyn Mitchell Wil Harbison Osvaldo Vargas Haley Huston Olivia Rodriguez Brittany Newland Mike Nance Brooke Cole Lauren Davis Amanda Cotto Kristin Buckingham NAZI TENOR – Tony Sansone FOLLIES GIRL #1 (BEER MUG) – Jami Busch FOLLIES GIRL #2 (VALKYRIE) – Haely Jardas FOLLIES GIRL #3 (PRETZEL) – Meg Tullos FOLLIES GIRL #4 (BRATWURST) – Morgan Finerty FOLLIES GIRL #5 (GERMAN EAGLE) – Taylor Nave TAPPING BROWN SHIRTS – Mike Nance Eden Shelton Rachel Freeze Ashley Forrester Allison Scott Wil Harbison McKenzee Stephens Brianna Childress Maicie Clark Nicole Willis “ROLF” – Willie Filkowski “MEL” – Michael Bertino THE “HEIL-LOS” – Tony Sansone Brooke Cole Amanda Cotto Osvaldo Vargas Lauren Davis Kristin Buckingham STALIN – Christian Steffens CHURCHILL – Eli Baldwin FDR – Daniel Spikowski STORM TROOPERS – Joey Whitesman Bonita Violette Jackie Hassett Olivia Rodriguez Brittani Newland Haley Huston Krissy Martin Jordan Albright Tyler Bottema Sophie Stein Kailyn Mitchell SERGEANT – Daniel Spikowski O’ROURKE – Wil Harbison O’RILEY – Tyler Bottema O’HOULIHAN – Osvaldo Vargas JUDGE MAXWELL – Willie Filkowski BAILIFF – Christian Steffens FOREMAN OF THE JURY – Bonita Violette DISTRICT ATTORNEY – Michael Bertino JURY OF LITTLE OLD LADIES – Taylor Nave Jami Busch Lauren Davis Haley Huston Morgan Finerty Meg Tullos Kristin Buckingham Jackie Hassett Haely Jardas Amanda Cotto Sophie Stein Brittani Newland Krissy Martin Kailyn Mitchell STENOGRAPHER – Olivia Rodriguez PRISON GUARD – Tyler Bottema CONVICTS – Wil Harbison Daniel Spikowski Michael Bertino Mike Nance Willie Filkowski Christian Steffens Eli Baldwin Osvaldo Vargas Joey Whitesman Tony Sansone GIRL PRISONERS – Brooke Cole Allison Scott Ashley Forrester Rachel Freeze Brianna Childress Nicole Willis Maicie Clark Eden Shelton McKenzee Stephens Jordan Albright

2008-2009 T.A.G. Members

Here are the members of the 2008-2009 edition of The A Cappella Group. I would like to thank all of you who tried out and I want you all to know that this is the most difficult and unpleasant thing I have to do all year. I have to take into account both your solo and your group audition, with the group audition having more weight. I also have to think about voice types and how different voices will fit together. I know that this doesn't make those of you who aren't on this list feel any better, but I just want you to know that I really do spend a lot of time going over and over this to make sure I make what I think are the best selections. Without further ado, here are this year's members. Soprano - Megan Cook Morgan Finerty Taylor Griffith Cassandra Lee Brittani Newland Alissa Roca Alto - Lacey Bourke Lauren Davis Kendra Dozier Nicole Mayer Taylor Nave Eden Shelton Tenor - Ian Castro Tony Sansone Parker Slaybaugh Osvaldo Vargas Bass - Joe Bell Bobby Gibson Karjan McGill Alex Ravitz

Choir Bash Photos are Up

The first Choir Bash is now history, but the memories live on in the photo section. Check out the pictures now. Special thanks to the officers for organizing things and to Olivia for getting the pictures so quickly. I hope you had a good time and I am looking forward to a great year with all of you.

A Cappella Group Help Tracks Up

The help tracks for The A Cappella Group audition material are now up in the music section. Scroll all the way to the bottom and open the folder title A Cappella Group Auditions. There is a track for each vocal part and a track that has all parts at an equal volume level. Good luck everyone.

Guestbook is Now Moderated

In an effort to reduce the SPAM that we are seeing in our guestbook, I have turned on the moderation option. If you post in the guestbook, it will now notify me and I will approve it. This will eliminate some of the rather inappropriate SPAM that has been showing up recently. Please make sure to put your name on all of your posts.

Do You Wanna Be A Producer?

This year's musical is the Mel Brooks classic The Producers. We are looking for great singers, actors and dancers to pull off this massive undertaking. If you are interested in being a part of the Cypress Lake award winning musical team, here is what you need to do. The auditions for the musical will take place during the second week of school. You will need to sign up for the day you would like to audition. The sign-up sheets are on the Black Box Info Board, just outside the side door. You will only need to audition on one day. You need to prepare a song to sing at the audition. It should be from a musical and you must have a CD or iPod with an accompaniment track. You are also permitted to bring a live accompanist as well. The song should be no longer than one minute. Pick a song and a section of the song that will show off your voice. If you would like to be considered for a leading role, you must also do a monologue during your audition. The monologue should be between 30 and 60 seconds long. There will also be a dance portion to the audition. You will be taught a relatively short combination and then you will perform it in groups of three or four. You should have appropriate clothes for the dance call. There will be time for you to change if you would like to wear a different outfit for the singing/monologue portion of the audition. We hope that you will consider auditioning and being a part of The Producers. We won the innagural Lee County Musical Theatre Awards for best overall musical and we want to defend our title.

Center Performance Reports

Today's post is for parents and students alike. All members of the vocal department are required to attend one performance of another department at the Center each quarter. Performances and exhibits are available in theatre, dance, band, orchestra, and visual arts. In addition to attending the complete performance, students must then write a one page paper about the performance. The paper should be have synopsis of the event and half critique of the event. This quarterly assignment is worth 10% of the chorus grade each quarter. The assignment serves two purposes - To promote awareness and appreciation of all of the departments at Cypress Lake Center for the Arts and to force students to write and think critically about events they have seen. The complete list of performances will be printed in the new handbook. Please plan ahead and schedule the performance you would like to see each quarter in advance. You must see a different department's event each quarter. There are always way too many students that choose not to do this project each quarter. I hope that all of you will make it a goal to complete these this year. If you have any questions, there are many more details in the handbook.

The A Cappella Group Audition Info

Today's feature will give you some guidelines as you get ready for this year's auditions for T.A.G. The A Cappella Group is about to enter it's sixth year and has released two studio albums, appeared at Lincoln Center in New York City and have won numerous other awards. This is your opportunity to be a part of it all. The auditions for The A Cappella Group will take place on Thursday, August 21 and Friday, August 22 in the choir room. You only need to attend one of the days. There will be two parts to the audition – solo singing and group singing. For the solo singing portion, you need to prepare a solo from a pop, rock, alternative style song that will show off your ability to sing lead. Please stay away from classical, musical theatre, folk songs, etc. Your solo should be no longer than 1 minute long and needs to be a cappella. For the group singing portion, you will perform an excerpt of a four part piece in groups of four with one person on a part. You can pick up the music for the group piece on the first day of school from Mr. Stroh. In order to have a successful audition, you need to do the following in your audition. 1. Sing in tune!! This is the most important element. Your solo needs to start in one key and end in the same key without modulations taking place in the middle. 2. Be able to be secure on your part during the group singing. The majority of singing that you will do if you are in the group is part singing so you must be able to do it well and be independent while doing it. 3. Be expressive while singing. In order to perform this music successfully, you can’t stand like a robot and just sing. You need to use your face and entire body to be expressive and convey the meaning of the song. I hope that you will consider being a part of The A Cappella Group and try-out during one of these two days. Pick a song that you sound great on and really make it your own. Make sure that you pick-up the music for the group singing portion on the first day of school, so you will have plenty of time to prepare. There were some great solo auditioners last year that did not sing well during the group portion. Take both parts of the audition seriously.

New Member Requirements

We would like to welcome all of our new members and are looking forward to getting to know all of you. As a new member to the vocal department, there are two requirements that you will need to purchase. The first item is concert attire. For the ladies, we use a long black formal dress. All band, orchestra and choir ladies wear the same dress. We order these dresses through the school during early September so they arrive before the first concert. You will be measured and try on some sample sizes before they are ordered. The cost of the dress will be around $57.00. This is last year's cost. We have not received the new price list yet for this year's cost. The second item that you will need is a choir folder. This is a high quality folder that has many features and is personalized with your name embossed on the front. With proper care, it will last the entire time you are at Cypress Lake. The cost for the folder is $25.00. Both of these are one time expenses and both the dress and the folder can be used for your entire time in the vocal department.

Choir Bash '08

This is a brand new event for the vocal department. It takes the place of choir camp and is going to be a great way to kick off the new school year with a bang. The Choir Bash will take place on Friday, August 22 from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the Pelican Preserve Clubhouse. Pelican Preserve is on Gladious Drive near the library. It is a mandatory event for all vocal department members. Events will include the Choir Olympics, karaoke, Guitar Hero and Rockband on the big screens, we may even bring back the bubble wrap dance floor. The focus is on team building and getting to know your fellow vocal department members. Food and drinks will also be included. Pelican Preserve is giving us a great deal on the food and the room, so we are only charging $8.00 per person. Please bring your $8.00 during the first week of school to help cover the cost. We are also in need of some chaperones to help with the event. If interested, please email Mr. Stroh through the contact page on this site. Please make sure your schedule is clear, because this event is MANDATORY!

Colorado Trip Approved!

The proposed Colorado trip has been approved by the school board and we are now good to go. The trip will take place April 23-27 and include a performance with the Heritage Festivals, a day of skiing, a train ride to Pike's Peak, shopping, breathtaking views and lots of fun. Many more details about the trip will be available in a few weeks and we will have an informational meeting in early September. Start digging out those gloves and mittens now.

Officers Meeting

All officers are reminded that there is an officer's meeting on Monday and Tuesday of next week to get the choir board done and help set up the choir room.

First Day is Approaching

The summer is fading waaaaaay too fast and the first day of school will be here before you know it. As we approach that day, keep checking back here often as there will be many new stories designed to get you ready for the first day of school. Don't forget to mark your calenders for Friday, August 22. That is the Friday of the first week of school. This is the date of Choir Bash '08. This is a mandatory event for all members of Vocal Department. Many more details will be coming soon, but mark your calendars because you all must attend.

Musical Announcement!

We have finally decided on a musical and have an official announcement for all of you. Without further ado - this year's musical at Cypress Lake Center for the Arts will be: THE PRODUCERS

Cypress Lake Earns an A!!!

For the second consecutive year, Cypress Lake Center for the Arts has earned the honor of being an "A" school as designated by the Florida Department of Education. The grades in Florida are a combination of FCAT scores of students in all grades as well as other factors. This year, Cypress Lake has the distinction of being the only school in the south zone to receive a grade of "A." Congrats to all of you who helped Cypress earn this honor and let's make it three in a row next year.

Schools Out!!

Alice Cooper said it best - School's Out for Summer!!!! I hope everyone has a great and safe summer. I will see you all in August. In the meantime, keep checking the site, there is a new look coming soon. Also, check the photo section soon for a lot of updates and fun pictures.

Congratulations Class of 2008

It is now official, the class of 2008 have graduated and are moving on in the world. We wish them luck and don't forget to come back and visit often. Congrats to the Vocal Department Class of 2008 Danielle Barnes Jessica Bays Ryan Balliet Hannah Brenenstuhl Alexis Clark Jennifer Flores Brittany Gibson Tabitha Hobbs-Rossback Blake Shelton Angela Stevenson Jasper Walters Cheyanne Watt

New Officers Announced

The Vocal Department officers for the 2008-2009 school year are Breanna Kelley - President Amanda Goff - Vice President Kerry Elkins - Secretary Taylor Nave - Treasurer Olivia Rodriguez - Historian Kendra Dozier - Historian Congratulations to all of the new officers and here's to a great 2008-2009 year.

Choir Banquet Tonight

The annual choir banquet will be held tonight, Friday, May 23 at 6:30 in the Center Art Gallery. Tickets are free for vocal department members and $6 for all others. We hope you will join us for great food and fond memories tonight.

Cypress Wins BEST MUSICAL!!

The Cypress Lake Center for the Arts performance of All Shook Up was honored as the best musical at the inaugural High School Musical Awards tonight at the Barbara B Mann Performing Arts hall. This capped a fun-filled evening of high school theatre. About 700 people were in attendance at the first ever event and host Robert Van Winkle, NBC-2 weatherman, made it a very memorable evening with his own excitement for the event. The evening started with performances and behind the scenes footage from all participating school's shows. Then came the awards themselves. Cypress Lake ended up with three awards on the evening. The cast was honored for Best Ensemble, an award dedicated to all of the chorus members. Parker Slaybaugh won the Best Actor category, which also came with a $2,500 scholarship to Edison Community College. The final award of the evening was for Best Musical, which came with a cash award of $2,500 to be used in next year's musical and Cypress Lake was announced as the big winner. There was much cheering as the entire cast and crew went up onstage to accept the award. Congrats to all of those involved in our amazing production of All Shook Up and we are definately looking forward to next year.

High School Musical Awards Tonight!

Cypress Lake Center for the Arts will be participating in the first annual Fort Myers High School Musical Awards. The program will begin this evening at Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are general admission and cost $5.00. Cypress Lake will be competing with North Fort Myers High School, Fort Myers High School and Estero High School for the title of best musical for 2007-2008. The overall award comes with a cash prize of $5,000 to be used for next year's musical. There will be performances from each of the four musicals and awards for best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, etc. We hope to see you there to cheer on our Panthers and the cast of All Shook Up.

Spring Concert is Wednesday

The Spring Concert is Wednesday, May 7 in the Cypress Lake Auditorium. The concert starts at 7:00 p.m. and the admission charge is $5.00 per person. Hear the Concert Choir, Intermezzo, Cypress Chorale and The A Cappella Group for the final time this year.

Choirs Earn Superiors at State

On Wednesday, April 23 the choirs from Cypress Lake sang at the Florida Vocal Association State MPA in Avon Park. Cypress Chorale earned superior ratings from all judge's. Their superior rating continues the tradition of superior ratings at FVA State dating back to 2002. Intermezzo also performed and received superior ratings from two of the judge's and an excellent rating from the other for an overall rating of Superior. This marks the first that Intermezzo has achieved a superior rating at State MPA Congratulations to both choirs and look for the recordings in the music section soon.

Long Overdue is Here!!!!!

Long Overdue, the much anticipated and award winning second album from The A Cappella Group is finally here and ready for you to purchase. The CD is $15.00 and available from Mr. Stroh or you can order it on our site.

Long Overdue - Buy It Here!!

If you do not live near Cypress Lake and would like to get your copy of Long Overdue as soon as we get, buy it now. We will send it out as soon as we receive the shipment from the manufacturer. The CD is selling for $15.00. Get yours today.

Long Overdue

Long Overdue is the long awaited second album from the acclaimed The A Cappella Group. It's coming soon . . . as a matter of fact, the estimated ship date is April 18th. The track list is: 1. Karmastition 2. Hands 3. Mexican Wine 4. Breathe 5. Be Careful What You Eat 6. Bless The Broken Road 7. Brown Eyed Girl 8. There She Goes 9. Taco Bell Canon 10. Joy To The World 11. Hidden Bonus Track that you will not want to miss. You have to wait for it.

FVA State Trip Details

Dear Parents, I am writing to inform you of the plans for the Florida Vocal Association State Performance Assessment. The choirs qualified for this event with their superior ratings at the District MPA in February. This year, FVA State will be held at South Florida Community College in Avon Park. All of our events will take place on Wednesday, April 23. We will be leaving Wednesday morning at approx. 7:00 a.m. and returning Thursday night. A small group will be returning to Fort Myers after our performances Wednesday. The tentative itinerary is on the back of this letter. Unfortunately, the school district does not provide funding for us to travel to this event. Therefore, we must pay for the cost of the trip from vocal department money. The cost of the trip will be approx. $11,500. The cost of the trip per student will be $100 if they participated in the cheesecake sale or $125 if they did not participate. This fee is due Tuesday, April 8. Make checks payable to Cypress Lake High School. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me. Tentative Itinerary Wednesday, April 23 7:00 am Meet in front of the Center for bus loading and bag checks. All luggage will be searched. 7:30 am Depart for Avon Park 9:30 am Arrive at South Florida Community College Performance to be announced. Could be AM or PM 12:00 pm Lunch on campus 4:30 pm Depart Avon Park for Orlando 6:00 pm Arrive at Hotel in Orlando for check-in 6:45 p.m. Depart for Downtown Disney. Dinner on own in Downtown Disney. All students will get tickets to DisneyQuest 11:00 p.m. Depart from Downtown Disney to return to hotel. 11:20 p.m. Arrive back at hotel 11:40 p.m. All Students must be in rooms for the night. Room checks done and doors secured for the evening. Thursday, April 24 7:30 am Breakfast, continental breakfast included at hotel. 9:00 am Check-out and load buses 9:15 am Depart for Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure 9:30 am Arrive at Universal for the Day. Tickets will be good for both parks. You may go back and forth 6:30 pm Meet at assigned area and go to bus 7:00 pm Depart for Fort Myers 10:00 pm Arrive at Cypress Lake Center for the Arts

Call for Chaperones

We are looking for a few good chaperones. We are going to be performing at the Florida Vocal Association State Music Performance Assessment on Wednesday, April 23. The event is in Avon Park. After the performance, we be traveling to Orlando for the evening and spening Thursday in Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. We need 8 to 10 chaperones to attend to make this trip happen. Final details of the trip will be posted when I have secured the chaperones and made the final travel arrangements. In order to chaperone on the trip you must agree to be with the group the entire duration of the trip. Chaperones must ride the buses with the group. Chaperones must also assist with the bed checks and securing the students in the hotel room on Wednesday night. This will entail staying up past the time and making sure the students are in rooms for the night. The cost for the chaperones will be nominal compared to the students. The only cost will be the share of the hotel room. If you are interested in chaperoning for the trip, please e-mail through this site and let me know. It will be a very rewarding experience for you and the students. I hope each of you will consider helping your students to have this opportunity. Again, e-mail me through the "Contact" page to let me know that you are interested in chaperoning. I look forward to hearing from you.

T.A.G. Finishes Second

The A Cappella Group competed in the South Division Semi-final of the International Championship of High School A Cappella at Palm Harbor University High School Saturday evening. The group was hoping to defend their 2007 South Division crown and earn another trip to the final at Lincoln Center in New York City. The group opened the show and gave, what was by far, their best performance of the year. The crowd responded well to the group as well. Our best effort wasn't quite good enough though, as we came in second place in what was a very close finish. We did claim some individual honors as senior Brittany Gibson won Best Soloist for her rendition of My Give A Damn's Busted. Senior Blake Shelton also won Best Vocal Percussion for his work. The winners of the competition were The Mane Event from Leon High School in Tallahassee. We would like to wish them luck as they represent the south in April at the national finals. Congratulations to the group for an outstanding performance and to Brittany and Blake for their awards.

Choirs Perform to Ovations and Tears

It was an emotional night as Cypress Chorale premiered the new work by Z. Randall Stroope to honor our three lost fathers. Many tears were shed by both performers and audience members as the choir gave a heartfelt performance of the piece. The judges were in agreement as Chorale received superior ratings from all adjudicators. One judge commented that "there is always one magic moment at these festivals ... that WOW factor. This was it for me. How beautiful that music & text can used as a healing tool and to carry on memories. The tribute was beautiful. I couldn't speak while you were singing - Too moving and powerful." We would again like to thank Dr. Stroope for agreeing to the commission and for providing a beautiful piece of music as a tribute. Intermezzo was also "on" as they wowed the crowd and the judges with their performance. They also received superior ratings from every adjudicator. Congratulations to both choirs for their outstanding performances at the District Music Performance Assessment. You can recordings of both choir's performances in the music section of this site.

Chorale to Debut New Piece

Cypress Chorale will debut the commissioned piece from Z. Randall Stroope at the Florida Vocal Association District Music Performance Assessment this Thursday evening. Chorale is scheduled to take the stage at 9:00 p.m. at North Fort Myers High School. Intermezzo will also be performing at District and their scheduled performance time is 7:45 p.m. The piece by Z. Randall Stroope is titled Homage. It was commissioned by the Cypress Lake Vocal Department to honor the memory of the three fathers who lost their lives this past fall. Dr. Stroope was struggling with how to tackle this piece and have it serve as a fitting memorial, and then thought of the words of his own father and the piece was born. The text is written by Dr. Stroope's father, W. L. Stroope. He was orphaned at two years old - losing both of his parents within days of each other - and he grew up as a part of a large family who loved and cared for each other. He was not schooled past the 8th grade, having to leave education for work to support the family. Nevertheless, he was self-educated, wrote beautiful poetry, spoke like a statesman, sang and read music well, and never showed regret for his meager start in life. His "wealth" was in the people around him and in his children. It is a beautiful piece and we look forward to sharing it with the world Thursday evening.

14 Selected for All-County Choir

14 members of the vocal department earned a spot in the 2008 All-County Choir. Sopranos Alissa Roca Kerry Elkins Breana Kelley Jayne Denslow Jonise Yves Altos Lauren Davis Kendra Dozier Amaris Soots Taylor Nave Olivia Rodriguez Tenors Tony Sansone Ozzie Vargas Basses Karjan McGill Alex Ravitz Congrats to all of those who made it!

Cypress Singer propels Basketball Win

Junior Kailyn Mitchell, a junior alto in the vocal department, propelled the Cypress Lake girls basketball team to the District title. Kailyn scored 14 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in the victory over the #1 seed South Fort Myers. Great job Kailyn. Keep the wins coming! Check out Kailyn in action: http://www.news-press.com/apps/pbcs.dll/gallery?Site=A4&Date=20080202&Category=SPORTS01&ArtNo=802020805&Ref=PH&Profile=1011

T.A.G. Selected for 2008 BOHSA

Our very own The A Cappella Group has been selected to appear on the 2008 Best of High School A Cappella CD. Our recording of "Hands" by Jewel will appear on the 2008 collection. This is the group's second appearance on a BOHSA CD. Our recording of "Bring Me To Life" was featured on the 2006 BOHSA. This is a great honor to be included among the best groups in the world. "Hands", which will appear on our soon to be released album T.A.G. II, features Katie Campell on lead vocal and Blake Shelton on vocal percussion. This song was part of the group's competition set last year and was performed in front of a sold out crowd at Lincoln Center at the International Championship of High School A Cappella Finals. You can hear a clip of the song in the music section of this site. Here is a list of the 2008 BOHSA CD line-up. 1) Dancing In The Streets - Kettering Fairmont HS Eleventh Hour 2) Insomniac - Glenbrook North HS Ow! 3) Owner of a Lonely Heart - Brentwood Academy Singers 4) She Will Be Loved - Eugene A Cappella All Stars 5) Time After Time - Marblehead HS Jewel Tones 6) If - Jakarta International School Joint Sound 7) I Need You - Washington HS A Slice of Jazz 8) Hands - Cypress Lake Center for the Arts A Cappella 9) Mary - Cherry Hill West Men of Note 10) So Far Away - Maria Carrillo HS Jazz Choir 11) I Wish I'd Met You - North Olmstead HS Special Edition 12) Unwritten- Flint HS Major Minors 13) First Date - Conard HS Vocal Jazz Quintessence 14) I Hope You Dance - Dryden HS Beyond Measure 15) Don't Know Nothin' - Cheyenne Mountain HS Crimson 16) Remember - Hopkins HS Chamber Choir

Choir Commissions Work for Lost Fathers

The Vocal Department has commissioned a piece of music from renowned choral composer Z. Randall Stroope to honor and commemorate the memory of our three lost fathers. As many of you know, the vocal department experienced immense grief and sadness this fall as three of our students lost their fathers during a two month period. As a way of coping with the losses and marking this great loss in time, the students decided to have a piece commissioned that could serve as a lasting memory to these lost fathers. Our students first choice was composer Z. Randall Stroope and he accepted the commission. The money for the commission was raised during the Madrigal Dinner and we have been notified by Dr. Stroope that the piece is finished. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival and will announce soon when the premiere of the piece will take place. Here is the paragraph that will appear in the inside cover of the piece: During the fall of 2007, three members of the Cypress Lake Center for the Arts Vocal Department lost their fathers. All three men were full of spirit and humor and lived life to the fullest. Robert Watt, the father of senior Cheyanne Watt, lost his three month battle with brain cancer on August 29th. Rob Watt was a fun-loving man who was a friend to everyone that ever met him. On October 4th, John Kelley, father of junior Breanna Kelley, was vacationing with family in Hawaii and passed away after receiving an incorrect prescription from his doctor. John Kelley was an adventurous soul who visited all 50 states and never missed an opportunity to share his latest joke. Kenneth Dozier, the father of sophomore Kendra Dozier, suffered a stroke at work on November 12th. Kenneth Dozier had a child-like love for life and always played like one of the kids. This has been a powerfully emotional time for these students and their families. In order to help process our deep sense of loss, we commissioned this piece inspired by our desire to celebrate and honor the lives of these fathers. We hope you will help us transcend our sorrow while we observe the spirit of humanity in this music. We look forward to performing this new work and honoring these lives lost much too soon.

Happy Holidays!

Well, it has finally arrived - Christmas vacation. I would like to take this time to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. It has been a very busy December and we all need the time to relax and refresh. I hope that Santa brings you everything that you ask for and I will see you all back on January 7. Please enjoy this holiday Christmas classic a cappella style - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Fe11OlMiz8

Ceremony of Carols Thursday Night

The women of the Vocal Department in conjunction with the Dance Department will be presenting Benjamin Britten's classic - A Ceremony of Carols. The piece will be performed in it's entirety and will be accompanied by Elizabeth Lilly, the principal harpist with the Southwest Florida Symphony. The interesting twist is that the piece will by danced to by members of the Cypress Lake Dance Department. Mrs. Gair, our dance instructor, was in a professional company that danced to this piece many years ago and has always loved it. We hope that you will enjoy this holiday classic as a treat for the ears and the eyes. Tickets are only $5.00 and the concert starts at 7:00 p.m. The rest of the concert will feature the dance department and selections from the Nutcracker and other holiday favorites.

Madrigal Dinner a Great Success

The 7th Annual Madrigal Dinner again drew rave reviews from attendees. A big thank you goes out to all involved that once again made these two nights a special evening for the folks in attendance. The choirs were definately on both nights and attoned for a sub-par fall concert by singing wonderfully. The serving wenches did a great job and I heard nothing but good things about their service. A huge THANK YOU goes out to Parker Slaybaugh for stepping in at the last minute to play the role of the Jester on Saturday. Parker, you did a great job and I don't know what we would have done with you. Devin also did a great job Friday night and we hope you get better soon. Also a shout out goes to Danielle Barnes, our best storyteller in recent memory. A great big thank you goes to Miggie Castro and Carol Davis, the two parents that drove all of the backstage action. Without them, this dinner would not have been possible. A huge thank you also goes out to the small group of parents that worked in the kitchen each night. You all did a great job and the dinner would not have been possible without your help. Another one is in the books and we now look forward to The Ceremony of Carols in two weeks.

Madrigal Dinner Sold Out

The 7th Annual Madrigal Dinner is officially sold out for the fourth year in a row. We would like to thank all of those who have made this event their holiday tradition. The event will start this Friday and Saturday at 6:15 p.m. with caroling in front of the Black Box. The doors to the hall will then open at 6:30 p.m. and the dinner will begin. We look forward to seeing all of you and making this event a great start to your holiday season.

Parent Volunteers Needed

We are in dire need of parents to help work the Madrigal Dinner Saturday night. The event cannot take place without the help of parents each night. We have plenty of help for Friday night, but need at least 4 more parents to work the dinner Friday night. Please contact Mr. Stroh or Mrs. Castro if you are available to help out.

Madrigal Dinner Tickets Almost Gone

Tickets for the 7th Annual Madrigal Dinner are in short supply. There are only 21 tickets left for Friday night and 30 tickets left for Saturday night. If you are planning to attend and have not yet gotten your tickets, act fast. I expect that it will be sold out by Friday afternoon.

"All Shook Up" Opens Today

Cypress Lake Center for the Arts presents the Southwest Florida Premier of "All Shook Up." The show is tonight, Friday and Saturday nights at the Cypress Lake High School Auditorium and the curtain is at 7:30 p.m. "All Shook Up" features a story that loosely mirrors Shakespeare's Twelth Night. Set in a non-descript small town in the 1950's that is turned upside down when a roustabout arrives in town. All of the sudden, everyone is in love, just not with someone who is in love with them. Add in the music of Elvis and you have "All Shook Up" Tickets are $8.00 and are available at the door. There will also be a silent auction each night starting at 6:30 and running through intermission. We have some fabulous items in the auction, so make sure you bring your checkbook.

Three Make All-State

Three members of the vocal department made the 2008 Florida Vocal Association All-State Choir. Senior Jessica Bays made it for the second consecutive year as an alto in the Women's Choir. Alissa Roca and Lauren Davis, both sophomores, made it for the first time. Alissa is a soprano in the Women's Choir and Lauren Davis will be an alto in the Women's Choir. These three ladies will now participate with 200 other singers in Tampa for an experience unlike any other. Congratulations!!!

Fall Concert Tuesday

The Fall Choral Extravaganza is this Tuesday, October 16 at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium. The Concert Choir, Intermezzo Women's Choir, Cypress Chorale and The A Cappella Group will all be performing. Tickets are $5.00 and can be purchased at the door. All students must be there in concert attire by 6:30 at the latest.

It's Good To Be The King

Congratulations to our very own Blake Shelton - 2007 Homecoming King!!! Considered by many to be a band geek and certainly a dark horse in the homecoming race, Blake followed in the upset Saturday of college football and pulled out the improbable victory. We are very proud of him and although we are certain that this will go to his head, it is good to have royalty in the vocal department.

Cabaret Deadline Wednesday

The first Vocal Department Cabaret is coming up on Thursday, October 4. The deadline for being able to perform in the cabaret is this Wednesday. All students wishing to perform, must present their act to Mr. Stroh for approval. Students may perform during their Vocal Tech class or after school. The Cabaret is an integral part of the Vocal Department performance schedule. Audiences have come to expect a wide range of musical styles and amazing performances. I hope that this first cabaret will be no different. Make sure you meet the deadline and be a part of the first cabaret.

Cheesecake & Cookie Dough Sale Underway

The annual Cheesecake and Cookie Dough fundraiser is currently in progress. This is the biggest fundraiser for the year for the vocal department and is the one the pays all of the bills for the year. Each student is expected to sell at the very minimum 5 items. Prizes start at 10 items sold. Please do your part and ask everyone you know to help you out. Students or parents needed additional forms can see Mr. Stroh for extras. The money and orders are due on October 2. The cheesecakes and cookie dough will arrive during the week of November 5. As we get closer and exact date will be announced. Last year, the vocal department was the top seller at the school. We would like to make it two years in a row so get out there and move that product!

T.A.G. Rehearsal Cancelled

Due to the Varsity Football game this evening, the weekly A Cappella Group rehearsal is cancelled for this week.

All Shook Up First Rehearsal

The first cast meeting and script read-through will be Wednesday, September 5 from 2:00 to 5:00. If you are a member of the cast and can NOT be there, you must speak to Mr. Loete BEFORE the rehearsal or you will be replaced. The second rehearsal will be Friday, September 7 from 2:00 to 4:00 in the choir room.

New Guestbook Policy Announced

Attention all vocal department members and anyone else that posts in the guestbook. All posts without a valid name attached will be deleted as soon as they are detected. Please be responsible and attach your name to all posts. We want the guestbook to be a fun and informative place to exchange ideas.

All Shook Up Cast Announced!!

Thank you to all who tried out. Once again it is very difficult to cut it down to a cast size that will fit on the stage. We had to exclude some students who had really good auditions. We do have a waiting list, so if someone in the cast decides not to do it, we will be contacting replacements. Without further ado - Here it is The Center for the Arts @ Cypress Lake High School ALL SHOOK UP Cast List Natalie Haller – Danielle Barnes Lorraine – Jonise Yves Miss Sandra – Dana Giffin Sylvia – Brittany Gibson Mayor Matilda Hyde – Jessica Bays Chad – Eli Johnson Dean Hyde – Devin Dietsch Dennis – Parker Slaybaugh Jim Haller – Blake Shelton (u/s Chad) Sheriff Earl – Michael Bertino Ensemble Kacie Phillips (u/s Natalie) Quinnisha Goodley (u/s Lorraine) Morgan Finerty (u/s Matilda) Ashley St. Hubin (u/s Sylvia) Taylor Griffith (u/s Sandra) Chelsea Mahuex – Henrietta Alexandria Miller Olivia Rodriguez Natasha Ponciano KcKenzee Stephens Robin Koogle Krissy Martin Lauren Davis Mary Sansone Eden Shelton Croix Provence Ozzy Vargas (u/s Dennis) Connor Zerilla (u/s Jim & Earl) Jeremy Miller (u/s Dean) Tyler Orcutt Tony Sansone Wil Harbison Daniel Spikowski – Warden Tony Frantz Willie Filkowski Mike Nance Joey Whitesman Machael Lohan u/s = understudy ADDITIONAL WOMEN WILL BE CAST SOON.

1st A Cappella Group Rehearsal Tonight

Just a reminder to all members of the 07-08 A Cappella Group, the first reherasal is this evening from 6 to 8 in the choir room. Please bring three song suggestions for the upcoming year.

07-08 TAG Members Announced!

Sorry for the lateness. Once again, this is one of the hardest things in the year for me. I wish that I could take everyone and have the world's largest a cappella group, but that really isn't possible. I want you all to know that I take each selection very seriously and agonize over many of the decisions. I will be happy to discuss your audition with you at anytime this week. I would take advantage of this so you know what to work on and improve for the next time. Without further ado - I present the 2007-08 A Cappella Group members. Soprano Danielle Barnes Lacey Bourke Jayne Denslow Morgan Finerty Taylor Griffith Nicole Sargent Alto Jessica Bays Alexis Clark Lauren Davis Brittany Gibson Carley Keim Taylor Nave Tenor Devin Dietsch James Kelley Alex Ravitz Parker Slaybaugh Osvaldo Vargas Bass Joe Bell Ian Castro Bobby Gibson Karjan McGill Blake Shelton Angel Vargas

A Cappella Group Results

Results for this year's A Cappella Group will be posted TOMORROW (Monday) night on this site. I need to hear a few people sing tomorrow. If you auditioned, please be prepared to sing There She Goes again tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

Welcome Back!!!

Another school year has begun and I would like to welcome everyone back to school. I am looking forward to a great year. There are many events coming up soon, so check your calendars and the handbook and stay on top of things. There is a mandatory event for all members on Friday, August 31. Our annual Choir Camp will take place on this day. Parents, please make use of the calendar and handbook sections of this site. They will be a great reference.

A Cappella Group In The Studio

The A Cappella Group will be in the studio Sunday, July 22 at noon. The studio is located on Danley Drive right across from the Page Field Airport Terminal. The official address is 214 3rd Street, but the parking lot is off Danley Drive between 3rd and 4th streets.

On The Radio

Our very own The A Cappella Group was featured on Arts Edition on WGCU Concert 90 yesterday. The hour long radio show had Mr. Stroh, Danielle Barnes and Katie Campbell in the studio talking a cappella with host Amy Tardiff. If you missed it, you can listen to the entire show at http://www.wgcu.org/arts_edition.asp Select the Real Player or Windows Media Player versions.

Happy Trails Everyone!

As the final school days tick off the calendar, I just want to thank everyone for a great year. From Coast to Coast and all of the great music in between. Have a great summer everyone! Seniors - Good Luck and don't forget to keep in touch. Everyone else - see you next year!!! Stay safe and healthy through the summer.

Choir Banquet Friday

The annual Vocal Department Banquet will take place Friday, May 11 in the Center for the Arts Art Gallery. Tickets are $10 to cover the cost of food and seniors are free. The menu will be delicious Italian fare including Fettuccini Alfredo, Chicken Parmesian, Cappellini Caprese, salad, garlic rolls and dessert. Come and enjoy great food and even fonder memories of the year as we celebrate and send our seniors off into the sunset. Dinner will be served at 6:30. We request that all attendees dress up for the festive occasion.

TAG Finishes 3rd in the Nation.

The A Cappella Group had the opportunity of a lifetime Saturday night as they performed in the National Finals of the International Championship of High School A Cappella. The group gave a great performance and had the sold out Lincoln Center crowd cheering for more. The entire group was pumped after getting off the stage. Hands had at least one woman in the crowd drying the tears and Be Careful What You Eat had the audience laughing out loud. The group finished in 3rd place on the evening. The winners for the second year in a row were the Men of Note from Cherry Hill High School in New Jersey. Second place went to Crimson from Cheyenne Mountain High School in Colorado. We were honored to be a part of the show and see the amazing college groups as well. The group is now determined to get back to New York and go for the championship next year. A special thank you goes out to everyone who helped to get us there. The generosity of so many people that mailed us donations, the parents that worked like crazy to put together the pre-New York concert and silent auction. We hope to see you all at our Spring Concert this Wednesday night, April 25 at 7:00 p.m. in the Cypress Lake High School Auditorium.

TAG - In Concert!

Due to popular demand and all of the local press coverage, we have added a concert. The A Cappella Group will be performing in concert on Saturday, April 14 at 7:00 p.m. in the Cypress Lake High School Auditorium. Hear a variety of music from Doo-Wop to today's current hits done entirely without instruments. Check out the group as they prepare for the National Finals of the International Championship of High School A Cappella in New York City. Tickets are only $5.00 and are available now or at the door. For pre-sale tickets or more information - please call 464-5012. There will also be a silent auction at the concert. We have lined up an amazing amount of item for the auction, so bring your checkbooks!! The group will also be appearing in Naples on Sunday, April 29th at 4:00 p.m. The concert is being hosted by Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church and will be part of their concert series. Please take advantage of these opportunities to hear TAG - The A Cappella Group.

Justin Roberts - In Concert!!!!

See Justin perform "Meltdown!" on the today show. Justin on The Today Show The Cypress Lake Center for the Arts Vocal Department is proud to welcome In Concert - National recording artist JUSTIN ROBERTS!!!! "A rising star in the world of children's music." -New York Times Like a scene in the movie "Groundhog Day," the event repeats itself over and over. Bass and drums pound out the beat in perfect unison. Bodies spring to their feet and rush the stage--jumping, dancing and bouncing off each other like bumper cars. The concertgoers behave like children. Which is no surprise, because they are children, participating in a kiddie mosh pit found at nearly every Justin Roberts' concert. Anyone who's ever been to a Justin Roberts' show knows that his music connects with kids in a unique way. Sure, they relate to songs about bullies, dinosaurs and losing teeth. And of course they're attracted to Justin's warm voice, often compared to James Taylor. But in the end, it's Justin's indelible pop hooks that seem to keep kids coming back for more. Justin's latest CD Meltdown! was voted best CD of 2006 for kids and families. With one listen, you will understand why. This will be Justin's first appearance in Southwest Florida and we are very excited to have him on our stage. This will be a vocal department fundraiser and we need everyone to help spread the word about this amazing artist. The concert will be April 1, 2007 at 3:00 p.m. Tickets will be $15 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under. Children under 2 are free. Tickets are available by calling 239-481-2233 or going to the "Buy" section on this site. All seats are reserved, so get your tickets early and you too can be near the kiddie mosh pit. Justin Robert's Website


Our very own The A Cappella Group were named champions of the South Saturday night at the ICHSA South Semifinal. Cypress Lake gave a very spirited performance and brought home the top award. We also won best choreography. The A Cappella Group will now represent the South at the ICHSA National Finals in New York City. The Finals will be at Lincoln Center on April 21. The International Championship of High School A Cappella South Region Semifinal featured four very strong competitors and we are very fortunate to have come out on top. George Jenkins High School Diamond Dozen started the show with a great performance. They placed third and took the award for best soloist. Diamond Dozen represented the South last year in the National Finals. They were strong again this year. Newcomers Fort Myers High School Influx gave a great vocal performance and won second place overall in their very first competition. Fort Myers also won best vocal percussion. The After School Specials from Palm Harbor University High School were also competing in their first competition. Although they did not win any awards, they were very good and highly entertaining. They will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. The A Cappella Group from Cypress Lake were not quite on their game vocally, but won over the crowd and the judge's with their enthusiasm and showmanship. It was great to see such great performances at this competition. It is also good to see new a cappella groups in our area. We also must give special thanks to The Academical Village People for being our guests for the weekend. Thanks to everyone who attended and we will see you in New York!!!

Welcome Academical Village People!

The vocal department would like to welcome our special guests The Academical Village People. This award winning group from the University of Virginia will be here this weekend. They will be performing for the school along with our a cappella group on Friday afternoon. They will then be workshopping with the group after school today. They will then be the guest artists on Saturday at the International Championship of High School A Cappella South Semi-final. I hope that you will take the opportunity to catch this amazing group while they are here with us.

Choirs Earn Rave Reviews at MPA

The Center for the Arts choirs both received Superior ratings at the Florida Vocal Association District Music Performance Assessment last night. Intermezzo was at their best and gave a wonderful performance. They earned Superior ratings from all of the judges. Comments included - "Wonderful, mature sound," "Sound is free and beautiful,: and "Bravo ladies." The sight reading judge even thanked the girls for "giving him a workshop." Congrats to our lovely ladies in Intermezzo. Cypress Chorale also performed well. After a tumultuous week of getting the pieces ready, they were able to pull it off and received ratings of Superior, Excellent and Superior from the three judges on stage. They did well in sight reading and earned a Superior. This marks the sixth year in a row that Chorale has gotten a Superior at the District MPA. Congrats to both choirs for a job well done. Recordings of both performances can be found in the music section of the website.

Choirs Going to MPA

It is that time of year again and Intermezzo and Cypress Chorale will be traveling to North Port High School to participate in the Florida Vocal Association District Music Performance Assessment. Here are the details for the Cypress Lake Center for the Arts choirs at District Choral MPA. The MPA will be held at North Port High School on February 15, 2007. Our choirs perform in the 2nd block on Thursday. The block begins at 5:45 and ends at 9:00. Both Intermezzo and Cypress Chorale will perform during this block. All members of all choirs must remain for the entire duration of the block. We will be traveling by charter bus. The buses will depart Cypress between 2:30 p.m. We will start loading the buses at 2:00 p.m. All students should bring their concert attire to school that day. We will be stopping along the way to get food, so please make sure you have enough money to eat dinner. We will be arriving at North Port High School between 5:00 and 5:15 p.m. You will then need to get dressed and prepare for our traditional warm-up circles. We will enter the auditorium at 5:45 p.m. The buses will be leaving North Port after the performance by 9:30. That will means we will arrive back at Cypress between 10:30 and 10:45 p.m. I am still in need of 4-5 parents to chaperone this trip. Please call me or e-mail me at garyrs@leeschools.net if you are able to chaperone. Here are directions to North Port High School for those parents that would like to attend the performance. North Port High School 6400 W Price Blvd, North Port, FL 34286 (941) 423-8558 From I-75 1. Take exit #182 towards NORTH PORT (US-41) - go 0.4 mi 2. Turn Left on N SUMTER BLVD - go 2.2 mi 3. Turn Right on W PRICE BLVD - go 1.3 mi 4. Arrive at 6400 W PRICE BLVD, NORTH PORT, on the Right

Final California Payment Due February 16

This is just a reminder that the final California payment is due on February 16. This is a firm and final deadline. All checks must be received on this day. All students received a final invoice detailing their payments and fundraising and giving a final payment total. If you have not seen this, let me know and I can print another one for you. Remember, checks are payable to Cypress Lake High School.

This Just In From The Studio

The first track from the upcoming second CD from The A Cappella Group is finished and is being submitted for this year's Best of High School A Cappella Compilation CD. You can hear a clip of the song in the music section. The A Cappella Group was honored last year by having a song chosen for the BOHSA CD 2006 edition. Look out for the new CD in May.

Welcome Back Everyone!

Happy 2007 to everybody and welcome back. We have to hit the ground running. District Choral MPA is in 6 weeks. The A Cappella South Semi-Final is in exactly two months with a trip to New York City on the line and the California Trip is only 77 days away!!!! I hope everyone is ready to go and make 2007 a memorable one.

Happy Holidays from the Vocal Department

It is the holiday season and I would like to wish the students and families of the vocal department a festive holiday season. Don't forget - The TAG A Cappella Group CD makes a wonderful stocking stuffer. Thanks to the folks at Gulf Harbor for inviting us to sing for their Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. A special thanks also goes out to the Gateway Women's Club for having the A Cappella Group to sing for their luncheon. The Women's Club was also very generous by buying 18 TAG CDs. Thank you ladies! There are two more A Cappella Group Performances. Dec. 15 at 2:00 at the Sunshine Cafe on Winkler Road and Dec. 16 and a private party. Travel safely and have a wonderful holiday season.

Madrigal Dinner This Weekend

Breaking News - The Madrigal Dinner is SOLD OUT!! There is a rehearsal Thursday afternoon from 2:00-4:30 in the Black Box Theatre. Students will stay at school all day Friday. We will rehearse, set-up and eat dinner before the show. Students need to be at school at 5:00 pm on Saturday. For those attending the dinner, the show starts at 6:30 each night. There will be pre-show caroling in front of the Black Box at 6:15. The dinners usually end around 9:00 pm We will need some help each evening after the dinners to help clean up the theatre.

Photos from How To Succeed

Thanks to Mrs. Bode's husband, we have some great photos of the musical. These were taken during the Sunday matinee performance. You can order any of the photos directly from Kodak through the site. http://www.kodakgallery.com/ShareLandingSignin.jsp?Uc=vcdgdy5.7v8fwit9&Uy=-ycsdz1&Upost_signin=Slideshow.jsp%3Fmode%3Dfromshare&Ux=0&UV=252186121296_486826352109

2006 All State Members Announced

Congratulations to the following vocal department members who made the 2006 All-State Choirs! 9-12 Senior High Chorus Jacqueline Martin (2nd time) SSAA Women's Chorus Cheyanne Watt (1st time) Jessica Bays (1st time) TTBB Men's Chorus Osvaldo Vargas (2nd time) These students will now travel to Tampa in January to sing with the best singers from around the state. Congratulations!!

New Photos in the Gallery

Check out the latest photos of the cutest toddler in the world - Conner. He wrote the captions himself.

Madrigal Dinner Tickets On Sale

The 6th Annual Madrigal Dinner is scheduled for December 1 & 2 in the Black Box Theatre. We turn the Black Box into a 16th century English banquet hall and recreate a festive holiday musical feast. Delicious food, authentic costumes and beautiful English Madrigal music all combine to make this a holiday tradition for many. Tickets are limited to 152 per night and we have sold out the past two years. Tickets are now available, so call 481-2233 or get in touch with Mr. Stroh to get your tickets today.

Full Monty This Thursday

The long awaited field trip to the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre is finally upon us. Students will be dismissed from school at 11:30 on Thursday, October 26. Just a reminder that all students must turn in the permission form for content as well as the transportation form in order to attend. The show will end around 3:45 pm. You will not have to go back to school after the school. The Broadway Palm does have a dress code and we will follow it. Students may not wear jeans or shorts. Dress slacks and a collared shirt for the guys and dress pants or skirt or dress for the girls.

Vocal Department Cabaret Now on October 5

The first Cabaret of the year will be held Thursday, October 5 in the auditorium. The cabarets are the chance for members of the vocal department to show off their individual talents. Solos, duets and small group numbers will all be seen. Students will be performing classical arias, musical theatre songs, contemporary christian song, today's hits and many other vocal styles. Don't miss this great opportunity to hear the amazing talent the vocal department has to offer. You will also get a chance to hear The A Cappella Group in their first real performance of the year. Tickets are only $5.00 and available from any vocal department member or at the door.

A Cappella Auditions Podcast

The media department is starting a "pawd"cast covering events at Cypress Lake Center for the Arts. The first pawdcast features the auditions for The A Cappella Group. It is a well done piece and you can check it out at www.cypresslakehigh.com Look for the link on the lower left part of the homepage.

How To Succeed In Business Cast Announced

Here is the highly anticipated cast list for the musical How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. Mr. Loete, Mrs. Gair and myself have spent many hours pouring over the audition sheets and trying to come up with the best possible cast. As with all auditions, there are going to be some students who are very disappointed. Let me tell you that we struggled with coming up with what we think will be the best possible cast. We would be more than happy to discuss your audition and answer any questions that you may have. If you did not get a part, or you didn't get the part you wanted, I would seriously suggest that you ask about your audition so that you can make improvements for the next audition that you do. Without further ado, here is the cast list. Please check the Black Box call board tomorrow for information about the first cast meeting. Voice of the Narrator - Chris Longfield-Smith J. Pierrepont Finch - Trevor Beauvois-Kinney Rosemary Pilkington - Katie Campbell Bud Frump - Michael Garand Smitty - Stephanie Christiano J.B. Biggley - Nick Saldivar Hedy LaRue - Amanda Hootman Bert Bratt - Clay Young Miss Jones - Carla Martinez Twimble - Parker Slaybaugh Miss Krumholz - Caitlin McBride Wally Womper - Chris Longfield-Smith JUNIOR EXECUTIVES Gatch - Charles Young Jenkins - Connor Zerilla Tackaberry - Eli D. Johnson Toynbee - Bobby Walsh Ovington - Michael Bertino Matthews - Taylor Terlep Peterson - Channy Guak Davis - Devin Dietsch Johnson - Hunter Thompson EXECUTIVE SECRETARIES Danielle Barnes Jessica Bays Brianna Bellamy Chelsie Brugger Maicie Clark Sami Doherty Dana Giffin Quinnisha Goodley Amanda Hunter Carly Keim Robin Koogle Brittani Walsh OFFICE BOYS Joe Bell Tony Frantz Chris Longfield-Smith Jeremy Miller Mike Nance Blake Shelton Ozzy Vargas RECEPTIONISTS Erin Earnest Callie Ferraro Lexy King Adelie Landis Krissy Martin Rachel Mitnick Angelina Montes J. Pierrepont Finch Understudy - Eli D. Johnson

Are You Ready To Take It All Off?

Actually, we are going to watch people take it almost all off. We are planning a trip to see The Full Monty at Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre. The show, which is an Americanized version of the movie by the same name, tells the story of factory workers who have been laid off and have tried everything they can do to make money for their families except one - male exotic dancing. The comedy follows them as they train for their big debut. With music from the writer of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, the rock show will have you laughing until your pants split. We will be attending the October 26th matinee. The cost of the show will be $19. This includes the full buffet and the show. We will depart school at 11:30 a.m. and the show will be over approx. 3:45 p.m. If you are interested, please bring your money (checks payable to Cypress Lake High School) and sign up with Mr. Stroh by September 1.

Choir Camp a Success!

Thanks to everyone for a good camp. Just a reminder that there is no camp today for those of you who may have forgotten.

2006-07 A Cappella Group Members Announced

I apologize to everyone for the delay. It has really been an agonizing decision and I have thought about it a great deal. I want to thank everyone for auditioning. I was very impressed with many new members, as well as great improvements from many returning members. As I have told you many times, making these decisions is one of the hardest things that I have to do. I do not take these decisions lightly. There are going to be a few changes this year. There are some very good singers that are being left out of the group this year just because there is a limit to the size. There have been some serious problems in the past with the committment and dedication that certain members have not demonstrated. I have never removed anyone from the group. That will not be the case this year. There are many very qualified replacements ready and willing to take over a spot. I want all members to know this going in. Without further ado - Here is this year's A Cappella Group Sopranos Danielle Barnes Katie Campbell Kelly Charles Jaynee Denslow Sami Doherty Taylor Griffith Altos Myra Christman Lauren Davis Nicole Davis Brittany Gibson Carley Keim Alaina Mulligan Tenors Arlington Babb Ian Castro Devin Dietsch Taylor Terlep Ozzie Vargas Basses Joe Bell Drew Dorman Dan Fuciu Michael Garand Karjan McGill Blake Shelton

Choir Camp Returns!!

After two years of hurricane cancellations, Choir Camp is scheduled to make its return this year. This is a mandatory event for all vocal majors and minors and will take place Friday, August 18 and Saturday, August 19. Just because it is mandatory, doesn't mean that it won't be fun. At this point, you may be asking yourself, "What is Choir Camp exactly?" Choir Camp is a great opportunity to meet new members, get a great headstart on learning new music, having fun with friends and doing what we all like to do - SINGING!! The camp is a two day jump start to the new school year. This is the time that all of the members get to come together and start to form the family that is the vocal department. Activities like the Choir Olympics and the Dance allow members to interact with members that they don't know and make new friends. The camp schedule will be roughly as follows: Friday 2:00-4:00 - Choir Olympics 4:00-5:30 - Sectionals 5:30-6:15 - Dinner 6:15-8:00 - Sectionals 8:00-8:30 - Full Choir rehearsal 8:30-10:00 - Dance Party Saturday 9:00-9:20 - Wake-up and Warm-up 9:20-11:00 - Sectionals 11:00-11:45 - Full Choir rehearsal 11:45-12:30 - Lunch 12:30-1:30 - Sectional 1:30-2:00 Full Choir 2:00 - Performance for the parents 2:30 - Go home and sleep!! Please make sure your calendars are clear this weekend because it is a mandatory event. The cost of the camp is just $10 to cover food costs. Parents - We Need You. We need parents to help with dinner on Friday night and lunch on Saturday. If interested, please use the form on the contact page to send me a message. Hopefully, we can stay hurricane free this year and choir camp can return as a yearly vocal department tradition.

A Cappella Group Audition Help

For those of you auditioning for The A Cappella Group, there is now help for you online. If you look in the music section, you will find a folder titled A Cappella Group auditions. Inside this folder are the individual parts to the group audition number. There are two versions of each part. One at a slow tempo so that you can learn the part and one at the actual tempo once you know the part. You will hear the other parts very softly in the background. As with all music on the site, these tracks can also be downloaded to your computer or iPod.

A Cappella Group Auditions

This is the 4th in the week-long series to get everyone ready for the new school year. The A Cappella Group is about to enter it's fourth year of existence. For those of you who haven't seen or heard our a cappella group - go here http://cdbaby.com/cd/acappellagroup and listen to some samples. Contempory A Cappella is a phenomenon that has taken the college world by storm over the past two decades and is just now, over the last two or three years, spread like wildfire to high schools throughout the country. It is an evolution of doo-wop and barbershop that mirrors the music of today. Using only voices, contemporary a cappella groups recreate today’s pop hits, yesterday’s classics and everything in between. Our group has been doing it very well over the past three years and we need a few good members in order to keep it going strong. The auditions for The A Cappella Group will take place on Monday, August 14 and Tuesday, August 15 in the choir room. You only need to attend one of the days. There will be two parts to the audition – solo singing and group singing. For the solo singing portion, you need to prepare a solo from a pop, rock, alternative style song that will show off your ability to sing lead. Please stay away from classical, musical theatre, folk songs, etc. Your solo should be no longer than 1 minute long and needs to be a cappella. For the group singing portion, you will perform an excerpt of a four part piece in groups of four with one person on a part. You can pick up the music for the group piece on the first day of school from Mr. Stroh. In order to have a successful audition, you need to do the following in your audition. 1. Sing in tune!! This is the most important element. Your solo needs to start in one key and end in the same key without any transpositions taking place in the middle. 2. Be able to be secure on your part during the group singing. The majority of singing that you will do if you are in the group is part singing so you must be able to do it well and be independent while doing it. 3. Be expressive while singing. In order to perform this music successfully, you can’t stand like a robot and just sing. You need to use your face and entire body to be expressive and convey the meaning of the song. I hope that you will consider being a part of The A Cappella Group and try-out during one of these two days. Pick a song that you sound great on and really make it your own. Make sure that you pick-up the music for the group singing portion on the first day of school, so you will have plenty of time to prepare. There were some great solo auditions last year, that did not sing well during the group portion. Take both parts of the audition seriously. I am just curious to see how many people are actually reading these articles, so we are going to try something. If you come to the open house tomorrow and stop by the choir room, you need to say the codeword “tippy toe” and you will get a tasty reward. All you have to do is say “tippy toe” so stop by the choir room and claim your reward.

Concert Attire

Performing is one of the highlights as a member of the vocal department at Cypress Lake Center for the Arts. Being on the stage while performing an amazing piece of music for people that you know are going to go wild at the end is quite a rush. The only thing that could ruin that feeling is to not look good at the time. We make sure that all of performers look as good as the performances that they give. We have a unified concert attire that is the same for vocal, band and orchestra. We have several members that are in ensembles in two or more departments so this uniformity is very helpful. For the ladies, we feature a simple, floor length black dress. The dress is very simple and understated, but looks great on stage. The dress is also flattering on all body types. The dress has remained the same for the past five years and we have no intention of changing it any time soon. This means that you will only have a one time investment that should last you all four years. One other great feature about the dress is that it is nearly indestructable. We have had members leave the dress wadded in the corner of their closet for months and are able to pull it out on the day of the concert and look great. We order the dress during the 3rd week of school to take advantage of group discounts and groups shipping rates. The cost of the dress will be approximately $65.00. You will get the exact price of the dress when the orders are taken. For the gentlemen, we feature a simple classic black tuxedo. Black tux jacket and tux pants anchor the classic black tux. We add the white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie and cummerbund and you have great looking guys on stage. We have a supplier that is going to supply a complete tux for $100.00 this year. You will receive more information during the first week of school. If you already own a classic black tux, then you may wear it without purchasing a new one. This is a great deal that we have found for you, but you are not obligated to purchase your tux from this supplier. You are welcome to get your tux anywhere, as long it is the corrrect style. Looking good is an important aspect of performing on stage, and all of our ensembles take pride in not only sounding great, but looking great as well.

Choir Folders

Installment 2 in this week- long back to school information blitz. All members of Cypress Chorale and Intermezzo are required to have their music during each and every rehearsal. In order to keep the music organized and to maintain a unified look on stage, all vocal department members must purchase a choir folder. This is a one-time purchase and with proper care, this folder will last for not only the 4 years at Cypress, but for many beyond that as the students move into College Choirs or Church Choirs. The folder can be seen here http://www.musicfolder.com/english/usd-store/ecbf.html . This is the best choral folder available and has great features that are described in the article. Each folder will have gold embossing on the cover that reads: Cypress Lake Center for the Arts Vocal Music Department. Each folder will also be embossed with the student's individual names on the cover. All new members are required to purchase this folder. Returning members that have lost theirs will also have to purchase a new folder. The cost for the folder this year is $26.00 The orders for the folders will be placed during the first week of school. Returning members will need to let Mr. Stroh know if they need a replacement. New members will just need to confirm the spelling of the name to be placed on the folder.

Website Updates

Greetings everyone! As we approach the first day of school, there will be new info on the site everyday to help you get ready. These articles will appear in the News section and will also be seen on the home page. Today's updates are to the photo gallery and the music sections. The photo gallery has some current photos of Conner, my 1 year old son for you new members. It also will have some more pictures from last year. The music section now has last year's complete state performance. It will also feature every complete state performance from the past 5 years as well. Please keep checking back often and let me know if there is anything that you would like to see on the site. Just leave a message in the guestbook section.

Major Schedule Problems

Most of should have received your schedules for the upcoming school by now. Due to a computer glitch, all choir students, both Center and non-Center, were randomly placed in any choir. The shedules that you received are most likely incorrect. I spent about 3 hours with Mrs. Meagher, the assistant principal in charge of curriculum, fixing all of your schedules. Please don't call the guidance offices about your schedules. They are now correct and you should be good to go on the first day of school. There is once concern that involves about 6 or 7 freshman girls. When we made the switch to the correct choir, it did not allow a space to take personal fitness or health this year. When looking for alternatives, Mrs. Meagher placed this group of girls in ROTC. The advantages of taking ROTC for the entire year are that you get a PE credit that you will need to graduate and you will not have to take health at any time. The other advantage is that you will not have to do it alone, as there is a group of you in this class. I'm sure that you can come up with the disadvantages. This will only affect those freshman girls who have chorus during 3rd period on the schedule that you received in the mail. It does not affect all girls that had chorus 3rd period, just 6 or 7. If this applies to you, you may want to contact the guidance department to check on your schedule and see if there are alternatives.

Hooray for Hollywood!!!

Pack your bags, we're going to California. The vocal department and band departments are planning a joint trip to Los Angelos in March. We are submitting the paperwork to the school district and the trip is subject to their approval. If approved, The Cypress Chorale and Intermezzo, along with the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band will be participating the Heritage Festival. The festival in an adjudicated event. All performing groups will also get a clinic with one of the adjudicators. There is also an awards ceremony and dinner/dance for all performing members of every group in the festival which takes place in Disneyland. In addition to the performances, we will be seeing the sights along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, putting our hands in the cement in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre, checking out the Pacific Ocean and mingling with celebrities. We will also spend a day at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Most experts consider this to be the second greatest roller coaster destination in the world. There are 17 roller coasters at this one amusement park. The only thing we won't be doing is sleeping much. The trip will begin on Thursday, March 22, 2007 with a cross country plane ride. We will return on Monday, March 26. Many more details will be given once we get back to school. Start saving your pennies now. Since both choirs will be performing, we need everyone to go on this trip. There will be plenty of fundraising opportunities. We will be scheduling a parent meeting once school begins so we can get all of the information out to everyone. I am very excited and think it can be an amazing trip. I would like to know your thoughts as well, so please feel free to leave comments in the Guestbook. Enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer and see you on August 8th.

The A Cappella Group Featured on Acappella U Podcast

Our very own The A Cappella Group has been featured on a national podcast. Acappella U is a biweekly podcast featuring the best college a cappella from across the country and the world. The current episode is a high school shootout episode in which only high school groups are featured. Bring Me To Life is featured and the host has some great things to say about it. If you are a fan of a cappella, you may want to add this free podcast to your itunes subscriptions. The podcast is free and available on itunes by searching acappellau. You can also learn more about the podcast by visiting their website: http://www.acappellau.com/ Congratulations to you A Cappella Group members and happy listening.

Welcome New Members!!

Welcome to all of our new members! I hope you are having a great summer and are looking forward to coming to Cypress Lake. You have found the official website of the Cypress Lake Vocal Department. Please take a look around and get to know about us. You can hear recordings from the past several years in the Music section, check out the calendar dates for next year, check out the handbook. The handbook is currently being revised for the new school year, but you can get an idea of the policies and procedures by looking at last year's handbook. Feel free to leave a message in the guestbook. Parents and new members alike, keep checking the site as the beginning of school approaches. There will be several articles written specifically for new members and their families so that you will have all the information you need as you come to school. Enjoy the rest of the summer and take some time to check out the site.

The A Cappella Group Heads Back to the Studio

The A Cappella Group is finally heading back to the studio to begin work on their second album. The sessions will begin with the basses and percussion on Friday, June 23. Basses and percussionist should report to Studio Sea at 9:00 a.m. on Friday morning. We are planning to record Karmastition, Bless the Broken Road, Mexican Wine, Breathe and Taco Bell Canon.

Summertime, Summertime!

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far. I hope everyone is looking forward to a great upcoming year in the vocal department. If you go to the calendar section, you can see all of the dates that we currently have for next year. Choir Camp will be making its return, weather permitting. Check the dates, as it is mandatory for all vocal department members. Also, keep checking back here for a MAJOR trip announcement that will be coming soon. Have a great summer and keep singing.

Another Superior at State

For the fifth year in a row, the Cypress Chorale earned a superior rating at the Florida Vocal Association State MPA. The event was held at Florida Atlantic University this past weekend. The Chorale gave a superb performance highlighted by the accompaniment of our very own string quartet. The A Cappella Group also received a superior rating in the special category division. Mark Hakes, Shadoe Valentin, Rocky Castro, and Sabrina Gruber received superior ratings for their solos. Jarrod Bowen and Mark Davis also received a superior and much gushing from the judge for thier duet. Myra Christman, Cheyanne Watt, Taylor Griffith, Lacey Bourke & Osvaldo Vargas received excellent ratings for their solos. Congratulations to all the performers for their efforts at the State event.


The 2006 edition of the Best of High School A Cappella is hot off the presses and has arrived in Fort Myers. The CD, which includes our very own The A Cappella Group, is by far the best BOHSA to date. There are 20 tracks with groups from around the country and one from Indonesia. The CDs are $15 and are available from Mr. Stroh. Get yours today!!

Cabaret List Posted

The line-up for the Spring Cabaret has been posted in the NEWS section of this site.

Upcoming Events

Apr 19, 2018
Spring Cabaret
Fort Myers FL
May 8, 2018
Spring Choral Concert
Fort Myers FL

TAG selected to compete in Memphis

TAG is honored to have been selected as on of the competing groups at the 2018 National A Cappella Convention in Memphis, TN.  TAG is among 9 groups that will be competing for the title.  The group will make the trip to Memphis April 26-30.