Final Spamalot Cast List

Spamalot Official Cast List


  • Historian -  Rachael Dominguez
  • Finnish Mayor  - Alexa Lowman
  • King Arthur - Liam Fisher
  • Patsy - Bella Cintron
  • Not Dead Fred- Matteo Occhino
  • Mrs.Galahad - Avery  Wilson
  • Lady of the lake - Ryleigh Plank
  • Sir Bedevere - Wedler Lordeus
  • Sir (Dennis) Galahad - Mark Sheme
  • Sir Lancelot - Cameron Rogers
  • Sir Robin - Brice Kingsley
  • Sir not appearing in this show - Chance Cintron
  • Prince Herbert - Matteo Occhino
  • His father - Jimmy Faxel
  • Guard 1 - Chloe Tsai
  • Guard 2 - Jesse Messari
  • Concorde - Delaney Banta
  • French Taunter - Daydra Smith
  • Frenchies/Guards - Avery Wilson, Julianna, Jesse Messari
  • Black Knight - Jimmy Faxel           
  • Head Ni Knight - Lexie  Cole
  • Minstrels - Susie Carlo, Talia Tuminello, Alexa Lowman, Julianna Zeltman
  • Tim - Daydra Smith
  • Brother Maynard - Jared Wray
  • Bors - Cat Parkes
  • Monk - Josh Kier
  • God (Recording) - Wedler

TAG Audition Material Posted

All of the material for the TAG Audition have now been posted. The sheet music is in the DOCUMENTS section and the audio learning tracks are in the MUSIC section. Please carefully read all of the information listed in the CALENDAR section about the audition process. Good luck!!!

Upcoming Events

Aug 3, 2018
Summer Auditions
Fort Myers FL
Aug 15, 2018
The A Cappella Group Auditions
Fort Myers FL
Aug 16, 2018
The A Cappella Group Auditions
Fort Myers FL
Aug 17, 2018
Choir Bash 2018!
Fort Myers FL
Aug 20, 2018
Weekly TAG Rehearsal
Fort Myers FL

TAG wins National Title in Memphis

TAG came out in first place out of the ten competing groups from around the country in Memphis at the National A Cappella Convention.  TAG earned the title and the prize of $5,000.  Cody Vagle also earned honors as Best Male Soloist!  Look for the videos from the performance coming in August.