Wonder - Audition Cut This is the second audition song. It is originally performed by Emile Sande. TAG recorded this in 2014 and it is on our Sunny Days album. This audition cuts starts at 0:39 of our recording. I highly recommend that you listen to the TAG version and even sing along to it once you have learned your part. Sunny Days is available on all streaming platforms.
This song has different part labels. Girls can choose from - High Soprano, Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Alto 1, or Alto 2. The Soprano 2 and Alto 1 have a short section with split parts. You can choose either the higher or lower part for the split section.
Guys can choose from Tenor, Baritone, or Bass.
Vocal Percussion does not have a written part. You will create your own beat and perform it.
Under normal conditions, this song will be auditioned live, with one person on a part. If that is not possible because of safety issues, we will audition it individually with you singing your part along with the Mixdown track.
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Hurt Me - Audition Cut This is the individual part song for the TAG audition. The song is Hurt Me by Meaghan Trainor. I would listen to the original to get a feel for the song. This sheet music is for our arrangement. It actually starts about 1:33 into the original song. I have labelled the parts. If you are not currently in TAG, do not audition for the soprano 1 part.
Girls can choose from Soprano 2, Alto 1, Alto 2 and Tenor 1. Those are all of the girls parts. The guys can choose from Tenor 2, Baritone and Bass.
There is no written part for vocal percussion. You can create your own part that goes along with the music and perform it.
This song will be auditioned individually with you singing your part along with the Mixdown track. You will be recorded.
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2020-21 Vocal Department Handbook The handbook includes all of the performance dates, grading policy, guidelines, syllabi and many other things that each member and family member should know. 296 KB
2020-21 AP Music Theory Syllabus This is the syllabus for AP Music Theory. It includes materials list, grading policy and the outline of the class through the year. 279 KB