2023-2024 The A Cappella Group

Thank you to all who auditioned this year.  Once again, it is agonizing filling the last couple of spots, because there were good singers.  If you didn't make this list, please see me for feedback so you can improve for next year.


Aubrey Barnhouse

Asheleigh Greim

Mariangely Rivera

Marianna Young

Gigi Lieze-Adams

Orli Gottesman

Nikita Danesh

Lorian Moore

Ashlyn Maloney

Sasha Britton

Ashley Perez

Arco Williams

Cooper Vandermeer

Emerson Black

Ariya King

Bright Olivier

Jude Miller

Jackson Coffman

Nik Bakos



Big Fish Cast List


Character Cast 
Edward -  Declan Ireland 
Will - Brandon Lee 
Sandra - Kristen Noble 
Young Will 
Don Price - Ian Buttion 
Zacky Price - Katie Ireland 
Witch - Marianna Young 
Josephine - Emerson Black 
Dr. Bennett - Guin BK 
Jenny Hill - Orli Gottesman 
Karl (The Giant) - Jamie Woolam 
Amos - Aiden Fleming 
Will's Son 
Ensemble/mermaid - Kyra Levy 
Ensemble/fisherman/mayor - Stephan Tatum 
Ensemble/teacher - Emma Justice 
Ensemble/sharecropper - Kalyssa Kennelly 
Ensemble/girl w cat - Vicky Suarez 
Ensemble/shotgun toter - Ryan Turner 
Ensemble/barber/General - William Urban 
Ensemble/shepherd - Cayden Pacheco 
Ensemble/scout - Nikita Danesh 
Ensemble - Lyla Seitz 
Ensemble - Mali Dennis 
Ensemble/Alabama Lamb Trio/Farm Girl - Aubrey Barnhouse 
Ensemble/Alabama Lamb Trio/Cheerleader - Esther Olmo 
Ensemble - Ginart 
Ensemble - Delilah Mendez 
Ensemble - Dowds 
Dance Ensemble - Julia Best 
Dance Ensemble - Juliana Cabai 
Dance Ensemble - Sophia Carlo 
Dance Ensemble - Melia Brockington 
Dance Ensemble - Annalise Drakos 
Dance Ensemble - Kaelyn Heggemeier 
Dance Ensemble - Ariya King 
Dance Ensemble - Gigi Lieze-Adams 
Dance Ensemble - Faith McCarthy 
Dance Ensemble - Emma Rossington 
Dance Ensemble - Anna Reed 
Dance Ensemble - Athena Yurjevich

World Goes "Round Cast List.  

Kristen Noble 
Chloe Lowman 
Sophia Gurule 
Aubrey Barnhouse 
Marianna Young 
Gabby Cabai 
Declan Ireland 
Aiden Fleming 
Brandon Lee

2022-2023 TAG Members Announced

Without further ado, here are the members of the 20th edition of The A Cappella Group.  Please come and see me for feedback on your audition, so you can improve for the future.


Chloe Lowman 

Kristen Noble 

Aubrey Barnhouse  

Emerson Black 

Jasmine Cosby

Ainsley Copeland 

Ariya King 

Gabby Cabai 

Skylar Manietta 

Esther Olmo 

Ashlyn Maloney 

Marianna Young 

Alex Cooney 

Isabel Isenhower 

Ashley Perez 

Sam Ramos 

Aiden Fleming 

Jude Miller 

Conner Stroh 

Nik Bakos

Fall Cabaret Acts Announced - 

The following students will be performing in the Fall Cabaret.  Thank you to all you auditioned.  Please be ready to do a sound check during your vocal tech class on Wednesday.  If you do not have Vocal Tech, you will do yours on Thursday during Choir.  A reminder that all background tracks must be downloaded on your phone.  The track must play while your phone is in airplane mode.  Please see Mr. Stroh for feedback on your audition.

These are not in performance order

Jasper Cosby

Aubrey Barnhouse

Lauren Major

Colin Smith

Kaityn Roling

Wyatt Crecellius

Ashley Perez

Esther Olmo

Breana Strunk

Kristen Noble

Chloe Lowman

Gabby Cabai


2021-2022 TAG Members Announced

Thank you to all who tried out for TAG this year.  It is always great to hear everyone as they push themselves to have a great audition.  If you don't find your name on this list, please come and see Mr. Stroh to get your feedback.  That will let you know what to work on for the future. 

Without further ado, here is the 19th Edition of The A Cappella Group

  • Aubrey Barnhouse
  • Kayah Bonilla-Mas
  • Gabby Cabai
  • Michael Cherbini
  • Alex Cooney
  • Jasper Cosby
  • Annabel Crater
  • Aiden Fleming
  • Isabel Isenhower
  • Danelle Jean-Baptiste
  • Chloe Lowman
  • Ashlyn Maloney
  • Skylar Manietta
  • Jude Miller
  • Kristen Noble
  • Esther Olmo
  • Sam Ramos
  • Pepper Rhodes
  • Colin Smith
  • Marianna Young


2020-2021 TAG Members Announced

Thank you all for being so patient with the delay in announcing the new members.  This year was particularly hard because so many of you sang so well.  In a normal year, many who didn't make it, would have made it.  In fact, there are so many good girls that I have to so no to this year, I'm really interested in having an all girls group in addition to TAG.  I have contacted some friends that have girls groups and they have offered to give us several arrangements.  I will contact those of you who qualify for the girls group later tonight to see if you are interested and see if we can make it work.

Now without further ado - here is the 18th edition of TAG

Makayla Sawyer

Keeley Sawer

Amanda Johnson

Chloe Lowman

Jazz Cosby

Kayah Bonilla-Mas

Brooke Walsh

JJ Fuentes

Abby Corcoran

MacKenna Miller

Kristen Noble

Aurora Wild

Casey Bishop

Aubrey Barnhouse

Gabby Cabai

Michael Cherbini

Colin Smith

Aiden Fleming

Ricky Bocanegra

Prabh Saini

Melia Brockington


TAG Virtual Auditions Now Live! 

The TAG audition window is now open.  You can submit your audition at https://flipgrid.com/tagauditions   You will need to enter your school e-mail address in order to log into Flipgrid.  Once there, check the sample audition.  This is the exact format that you should follow for the part singing audition.  The singer did not use music, but you are more than welcome to use the music for your audition.  I'm not expecting anyone to memorize it.  Read the instructions in the  part audition thread.  Also, don't feel rushed to change songs in the middle, you have plenty of time as the recording can be up to 5 minutes long.  

TAG auditions are open to all Cypress students - face to face and home virtual.  TAG will meet Monday evenings from 6-8:30 p.m.  For Home Connect students, there will be no one else anywhere on campus at that time so you should have very little contact.  We will be doing a combination of singing spaced out in the auditorium and outside.  I will give many more details once the group is finalized for the year. 

All of the TAG Audition materials have now been posted.  In the CALENDAR section, if you click on the audition event, you will get all of the requirements and rules.  In the DOCUMENTS section is the sheet music for the two audition songs.  In the MUSIC-TAG LEARNING TRACKS are all of the individual learning tracks for both songs.  I have tried to be very detailed about the instructions.  If you have any questions at all, please e-mail Mr. Stroh.  Your question could be about syllables (some of them are crazy), what part to sing, how to find your part on the sheet music, etc.  Good luck and I hope that we can have these auditions.  We have lots of people to replace and we want TAG to be just as good as ever with a new cast of characters.

Choirs Superior and TAG Wins! 

This has been quite the week for the Vocal Department.  Cypress Chorale and Intermezzo sang at the FVA Choral MPA on Thursday, Feb 20. Chorale received straight superiors from the judges and Intermezzo received an overall superior rating from the judges, including a superior in sight reading.  TAG competed in the ICHSA South Quarterfinal in Tampa on Saturday, Feb. 22 and came out with the win, besting 8 other groups.  Wedler Lordeus won the award for best Vocal Percussion and Isabella Sbarra won the award…

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Fall Cabaret Acts Announced 

The following acts will appear in the Fall Cabaret, Thursday, September 5 at 7:00.  This list is not in performance order.  Be prepared to do a sound check during class on Thursday.


Anna Miller & Sydney Hudson - Like I'm Gonna Lose You

Casey Bishop - My Funny Valentine

Jafet Rodriguez - O Solo Mio

Rachel Lukes - Once Upon A December

Kristen Noble - Don't Forget Me

Danielle Adkins - Wish You Were Gay

Michael Cherbini - The Impossible Dream

Bronwyn Richardson - I Don't Know My Name

Andrew Darden - Strive…

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2019-2020 TAG Members Announced 

Congratulations to the following students that will make up the 17th edition of The A Cappella Group.  Thanks to all of you who auditioned for the group.  It is always hard making the final cuts and I wish that I could put everyone in.  The group is big this year, but it is the same size it was when we went to the finals in New York in 2016.  Please come and see me for your feedback on your audition. It is the only way that you learn from the audition process.  Remember that the first rehearsal is Monday…

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TAG Audition Material Posted 

For those wanting to audition for the 17th edition of TAG and being a part of the Italy tour, the audition materials are now posted.  You MUST carefully read all of the information in the CALENDAR section of the website.  It gives detailed instructions for the audition process.  The sheet music can be found in the DOCUMENTS section.  The audio learning tracks can be found in the MUSIC section under the TAG LEARNING TRACKS tab.  If you have any questions about the auditions, feel free to contact Mr. Stroh…

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Spring Cabaret Line-up 

The following acts will be performing in the Spring Cabaret this Tuesday evening in the Black Box.  These are not listed in performance order.


Danielle Adkins

Sage Holaway and Mr. Holaway

Maddie Owens, Makayla Sawyer, Keeley Sawyer, Camryn Ackerman

Ryleigh Plank & Isabella Sbarra

Samantha Vos

Connor Cochrane

Mady Ladd

Samantha Strickland

Gwen Vartdal

Alex King

Araima Hondares

Delaney Banta

Makayla Sawyer, Keeley Sawyer, Jennifer Rozell

Ryleigh Plank

Mackenna Miller & Phillip Stringham

Phillip Stringham

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Winter Cabaret Line-up Announced 

Thank to all who auditioned.  The following acts will be performing in the cabaret this Thursday night.  This list is not in performance order.


Keeley & Makayla Sawyer - Come Out and Play

Jennifer Rozell - Sweet Talk

Mady Ladd - She's Got It All

Isobel Fitzgerald - All I Had

Lauren Major - Vocalise

Molly Zellers - Talking to the Moon

Talia Tumminello - Maybe This Time

Gwen Vartdal - I Know You Know

Alli Orbe - I Hate Men

Wedler Lordeus & Samantha Strickland - A Stud and a Babe

Isabella Sbarra, Sydni…

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Fall Cabaret Line-up Announced 

The following acts will be performing in the Fall Vocal Cabaret this Thursday evening.  Please be ready to do a sound check in the auditorium during class on Thursday.  The acts are not listed in performance order.


Molly Zellers - Tattoo Heart

Isabella Sbarra & Sage Holaway - New Light

Camryn Ackerman & Maddie Owens - Happy Ending

Jennifer Rozell - A Better Place

Amanda Johnson, Keeley & Makayla Sawyer - The Chain

Ryleigh Plank - Natural Woman

Delaney Banta - At Last

Mady Ladd - The Issue

Michael Crout…

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2018-19 TAG Results 

Thank you to all who auditioned.  This year featured the most well prepared auditions ever.  It made it more difficult than ever to make the selections, especially since so many members were returning.  There were few spaces available for girls.  I could have taken five or six more from these auditions and been happy, but there were simply not that many slots.

If you did not make it, please come and see Mr. Stroh for feedback.  It is necessary to know what you need to improve upon.

A reminder that if you…

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Spring Cabaret Line-up 2018 

Here is the line-up for the Spring Cabaret.  This is not the performance order.


Sons of Pitches - Symphony

Makayla Sawyer, Keeley Sawyer & Jennifer Rozell - Landslide

Isobel Fitzgerald, Mackenna Miller & Wedler Lordeus - Titanium

Gwen Vartdal - Too Close

Paris Fulbright - Gelido In Ogni Vena

Mark Sheme - If I Could Tell Her

Ryleigh Plank - Jason's Song

Mackenna Miller - Toxic

Payton McCabe - Dead City

Amanda Johnson - If I Were A Boy

Destiny Nuwer - Gimme One Reason

Delaney Banta - Everybody Loves A…

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Winter 2018 Cabaret Line-up 

These are not in performance order.  Please make sure you have what you need to do a sound check during class on Thursday.


Paris Fulbright - Per la gloria

Isobel Fitzgerald - Scars to Your Beautiful

Emilee Milton - Lost Boy

Jennifer Rozell - The Only Way

Anna & Brandy Miller - Flight

Mady Ladd - All the Men in the World

Gwen Vartdal & Wedler Lordeus - XO

Keeley & Makayla Sawyer - Ho Hey

Ryleigh Plank - Mama Knows Best

Ally Orbe - Figures

Mackenzie Wolf - The Story

Delaney Banta - You and I


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