2019-2020 TAG Members Announced

Congratulations to the following students that will make up the 17th edition of The A Cappella Group.  Thanks to all of you who auditioned for the group.  It is always hard making the final cuts and I wish that I could put everyone in.  The group is big this year, but it is the same size it was when we went to the finals in New York in 2016.  Please come and see me for your feedback on your audition. It is the only way that you learn from the audition process.  Remember that the first rehearsal is Monday night, August 19, from 6-8:30.


And now without further ado......


2019-2020 The A Cappella Group

Ricardo Bocanegra 

Kayah Bonilla-Mas

Michael Cherbini

Jasmine Cosby

Andrew Darden 

Amanda Johnson 

Mady Ladd

Wedler Lordeus 

Chloe Lowman

Elijah Lowman

Anna Miller

Annalise Moeggenberg

Maddie Owens 

Jafet Rodriguez 

Prabh Saini 

Keeley Sawyer

Makayla Sawyer

Isabella Sbarra-Michelland

Samantha Strickland

Talia Tumminello

Annie Vardanyan

Brooke Walsh

Darius Webb