TAG Audition Updates!

The TAG auditions will be done virtually this year.  Auditions will be recorded on posted on Flipgrid.  As we get closer to the deadline, there will be detailed instructions and a mock audition that you can use as a guide.

TAG auditions are open to all Cypress students - face to face and home virtual.  I developed a plan for safely rehearsing and will share it when it is approved by the administration.

All of the TAG Audition materials have now been posted.  In the CALENDAR section, if you click on the audition event, you will get all of the requirements and rules.  In the DOCUMENTS section is the sheet music for the two audition songs.  In the MUSIC-TAG LEARNING TRACKS are all of the individual learning tracks for both songs.  I have tried to be very detailed about the instructions.  If you have any questions at all, please e-mail Mr. Stroh.  Your question could be about syllables (some of them are crazy), what part to sing, how to find your part on the sheet music, etc.  Good luck and I hope that we can have these auditions.  We have lots of people to replace and we want TAG to be just as good as ever with a new cast of characters.


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Senior Tribute

CLHS Auditorium, 6750 Panther Lane, Fort Myers, FL 33919

The class of 2020 will be honored in the Center for the Arts Graduation Ceremony and Performance. Each department will perform or showcase their work and the seniors for each class will be honored with their graduation cords and Center for the Arts Certificates.

Welcome to the Cypress Lake Center for the Arts Vocal Department.  Cypress Lake Center for the Arts is a public high school located in Lee County Florida.  The Center for the Arts is by audition only and comprises about a quarter of the student population at Cypress Lake High School.  The Vocal Department is one of seven departments at the Center for the Arts and is home to Cypress Chorale, Intermezzo Women's Choir and The A Cappella Group.  Auditions are held each year in February and August.  For more information, please contact Mr. Stroh.

Reality Lately

The A Cappella Group

The 12th album from The A Cappella Group features three original songs, six great covers and an 11:30 a cappella version of the iconic Abbey Road B Side Medley.
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