This performance is from the 2008 FVA District MPA.

This hopeful piece talks of a time in which there will no longer be fences.

The Text:

The day the universe was born,
Mountains rose and starts were torn
From the wo-ven cloth of time,
And there were no fences.

Boundaries were not in the plan
For sky and ocean, earth and man,
Freedom's only ours to share
When there are no fences.

In photographs from far in space,
Earth and oceans have their place,
A graceful blanket, blue and green,
And there are no fences.

But man forgot somewhere in time,
The earth's not yours, or theirs, or mine,
And for children yet to be,
There must be no fences.

Borders, Boundries, Walls and Wire,
Burn a soul,
Burn a soul,
Burn a soul
With freedoms fire hope is born
When we decide there shall be no fences.

Today's the day we can decide
To mend the fabric we divide,
A seamless cloth of you and me,
Without any fences!

Borders, Boundries, Walls and Wire
Burn a soul with freedom's fire,
Hope is born when we decide
There shall be no fences!