1. Panta Rhei

From the recording 2016 FVA District MPA

Panta Rhei (All Thing Are In Flux) is a piece made up of of Greek phrases and words that represent inner strength within the cycles of life. The interesting patterns and rhythms give an even deeper sense of complexity to this unique piece. The composer set the music for a women's choir because of the strength of women throughout the trials of life. What sells the piece for both the audience and the performers is the use of large bamboo sticks as percussion instruments. This piece is truly one of a kind, and it provides such a great message for all listeners.


Panta Rhei "All things are in flux"- Heraclitus, pre-Socratic philosopher 5th century B.C.
Voeethia "Fly away"
Metron Ahriston "Best rhythm"
Metron reeston "Easiest rhythm"
Kteema es ai "Possession for eternity"