Musical Auditions

Black Box Theatre, 6740 Panther Lane, Fort Myers

All students wishing to be cast in Little Shop of Horrors must audition during one of the four audition days. Sign up for an audition slot by completing the Musical Audition Google Form. This form will be posted in all Center Google Classrooms. There is a limit of 18 auditions per day so that we can maintain distancing rules.
Audition Requirements

  1. You must perform a song from a musical. The song should be no longer than one minute. You will be asked to stop if you go over time. You must provide your own accompaniment. Your accompaniment may be a CD, any device with a headphone jack, or a live pianist. If you use a CD or iPod, your track must not have any singers on it. Your performance of the song should not only show off your voice, but should demonstrate your ability to make the song come alive and be expressive. Choose a section of the song that works best for your voice, don't just start at the beginning of the song.

  2. If you would like to be considered for a principal role, you must perform a monologue. If you are just pursuing an ensemble role, you do not have to perform a monologue. The monologue should be 30 seconds to a minute long. It may come from a musical, play, television show or movie. The monologue must be memorized and should be something that you can portray well. Please avoid monologues that require accents or affected speaking. Make sure your monologue does not contain any questionable material and absolutely no cursing as well.

  3. You must participate in a dance call. You will be taught a dance combination and given 30-40 minutes to practice it. You will then perform the dance combination two times in groups of three. Any student that is not going for a principle role may omit the monologue from your audition. Any dance major that is a very strong dancer but is not comfortable with your singing voice can opt to sing Happy Birthday for the audition. Students that sing Happy Birthday will not be considered for principal roles. Vocal majors are not permitted to sing Happy Birthday.