Choir Folders

Installment 2 in this week- long back to school information blitz. All members of Cypress Chorale and Intermezzo are required to have their music during each and every rehearsal. In order to keep the music organized and to maintain a unified look on stage, all vocal department members must purchase a choir folder. This is a one-time purchase and with proper care, this folder will last for not only the 4 years at Cypress, but for many beyond that as the students move into College Choirs or Church Choirs. The folder can be seen here . This is the best choral folder available and has great features that are described in the article. Each folder will have gold embossing on the cover that reads: Cypress Lake Center for the Arts Vocal Music Department. Each folder will also be embossed with the student's individual names on the cover. All new members are required to purchase this folder. Returning members that have lost theirs will also have to purchase a new folder. The cost for the folder this year is $26.00 The orders for the folders will be placed during the first week of school. Returning members will need to let Mr. Stroh know if they need a replacement. New members will just need to confirm the spelling of the name to be placed on the folder.