Center Performance Reports

Today's post is for parents and students alike. All members of the vocal department are required to attend one performance of another department at the Center each quarter. Performances and exhibits are available in theatre, dance, band, orchestra, and visual arts. In addition to attending the complete performance, students must then write a one page paper about the performance. The paper should be have synopsis of the event and half critique of the event. This quarterly assignment is worth 10% of the chorus grade each quarter. The assignment serves two purposes - To promote awareness and appreciation of all of the departments at Cypress Lake Center for the Arts and to force students to write and think critically about events they have seen. The complete list of performances will be printed in the new handbook. Please plan ahead and schedule the performance you would like to see each quarter in advance. You must see a different department's event each quarter. There are always way too many students that choose not to do this project each quarter. I hope that all of you will make it a goal to complete these this year. If you have any questions, there are many more details in the handbook.

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