Choirs Earn Rave Reviews at MPA

The Center for the Arts choirs both received Superior ratings at the Florida Vocal Association District Music Performance Assessment last night. Intermezzo was at their best and gave a wonderful performance. They earned Superior ratings from all of the judges. Comments included - "Wonderful, mature sound," "Sound is free and beautiful,: and "Bravo ladies." The sight reading judge even thanked the girls for "giving him a workshop." Congrats to our lovely ladies in Intermezzo. Cypress Chorale also performed well. After a tumultuous week of getting the pieces ready, they were able to pull it off and received ratings of Superior, Excellent and Superior from the three judges on stage. They did well in sight reading and earned a Superior. This marks the sixth year in a row that Chorale has gotten a Superior at the District MPA. Congrats to both choirs for a job well done. Recordings of both performances can be found in the music section of the website.

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