Concert Attire

Performing is one of the highlights as a member of the vocal department at Cypress Lake Center for the Arts. Being on the stage while performing an amazing piece of music for people that you know are going to go wild at the end is quite a rush. The only thing that could ruin that feeling is to not look good at the time. We make sure that all of performers look as good as the performances that they give. We have a unified concert attire that is the same for vocal, band and orchestra. We have several members that are in ensembles in two or more departments so this uniformity is very helpful. For the ladies, we feature a simple, floor length black dress. The dress is very simple and understated, but looks great on stage. The dress is also flattering on all body types. The dress has remained the same for the past five years and we have no intention of changing it any time soon. This means that you will only have a one time investment that should last you all four years. One other great feature about the dress is that it is nearly indestructable. We have had members leave the dress wadded in the corner of their closet for months and are able to pull it out on the day of the concert and look great. We order the dress during the 3rd week of school to take advantage of group discounts and groups shipping rates. The cost of the dress will be approximately $65.00. You will get the exact price of the dress when the orders are taken. For the gentlemen, we feature a simple classic black tuxedo. Black tux jacket and tux pants anchor the classic black tux. We add the white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie and cummerbund and you have great looking guys on stage. We have a supplier that is going to supply a complete tux for $100.00 this year. You will receive more information during the first week of school. If you already own a classic black tux, then you may wear it without purchasing a new one. This is a great deal that we have found for you, but you are not obligated to purchase your tux from this supplier. You are welcome to get your tux anywhere, as long it is the corrrect style. Looking good is an important aspect of performing on stage, and all of our ensembles take pride in not only sounding great, but looking great as well.

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