TAG Opens for m-pact

What a day for The A Cappella Group.  World renown a cappella group m-pact came to do a workshop with TAG on Friday, February 10th.  They sang three songs and wowed the standing room only choir room.  (Thankfully the fire marshal didn't show up)  After a good question and answer session with the group, TAG got up to perform for them.  They amazed m-pact with their performance.  One of the members commented that he had done hundreds of workshops like this and no group had every given him chills before.  m-pact was so blown away by TAG's performance that they invited them to open for them on their concert last night in downtown Fort Myers.  TAG wowed the crowd and earned a standing ovation.  Some audience members stood after every song.  m-pact then took the stage and showed why they are such a successful professional a cappella group.  It was a whirlwind trying to get the group to a performance in just a couple hours notice, but it was an amazing experience for our students.

A special thank you to m-pact for being so gracious and appreciative of our group.  It is a night that none of us will soon forget.

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