TAG To Head Back Into the Studio

The A Cappella Group is preparing to record their third album in June.  It will be the first time the group has been recorded since 2007.  As you may remember, both TAG - We're It! and Long Overdue were both nominated for multiple Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARAs).  Each album also had a song selected to appear on the Best of High School A Cappella Compilation CD.  We are very excited to get back into the studio and record this year's group.  They have had a great year and are sounding amazing.

Unfortunately the studio that recorded our first two CDs is no longer able to help us.  However, this has opened up a new and exciting path.  We are going to be recorded by a studio that specializes in contemporary a cappella.  They will actually come down to the school and set up a mobile studio for an intensive three or four day session.  This studio has had tracks appear on multiple Best of College A Cappella and Best of High School A Cappella CDs.  We can't wait to hear the results!!

As is always the case, this project will cost a lot more than we currently have.  We are asking for sponsorships to make this project a reality.  Your kind donation will also include one of the first copies of our new CD.  We are asking for a minimum sponsorship of $25.00 in order to receive your free CD, but any amount is welcomed.

There are two ways to donate.  You can write a check payable to Cypress Lake High School.  You can send your check to the school at 6740 Panther Lane, Fort Myers, FL  33919.  Make sure you address the envelope to Gary Stroh.  You may also use the Paypal button below.  If you use Paypal, you will be sending money to Mr. Stroh's personal account.  Your money will then forwarded to Cypress Lake High School in the name of the sender.  Regardless of the method of payment, you will receive a thank you letter from Cypress Lake High School that can be used as your charitable donation receipt.

Thank you for helping and I'm sure that you will be impressed with our new CD soon.


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