The A Cappella Group Audition Info

Today's feature will give you some guidelines as you get ready for this year's auditions for T.A.G. The A Cappella Group is about to enter it's sixth year and has released two studio albums, appeared at Lincoln Center in New York City and have won numerous other awards. This is your opportunity to be a part of it all. The auditions for The A Cappella Group will take place on Thursday, August 21 and Friday, August 22 in the choir room. You only need to attend one of the days. There will be two parts to the audition – solo singing and group singing. For the solo singing portion, you need to prepare a solo from a pop, rock, alternative style song that will show off your ability to sing lead. Please stay away from classical, musical theatre, folk songs, etc. Your solo should be no longer than 1 minute long and needs to be a cappella. For the group singing portion, you will perform an excerpt of a four part piece in groups of four with one person on a part. You can pick up the music for the group piece on the first day of school from Mr. Stroh. In order to have a successful audition, you need to do the following in your audition. 1. Sing in tune!! This is the most important element. Your solo needs to start in one key and end in the same key without modulations taking place in the middle. 2. Be able to be secure on your part during the group singing. The majority of singing that you will do if you are in the group is part singing so you must be able to do it well and be independent while doing it. 3. Be expressive while singing. In order to perform this music successfully, you can’t stand like a robot and just sing. You need to use your face and entire body to be expressive and convey the meaning of the song. I hope that you will consider being a part of The A Cappella Group and try-out during one of these two days. Pick a song that you sound great on and really make it your own. Make sure that you pick-up the music for the group singing portion on the first day of school, so you will have plenty of time to prepare. There were some great solo auditioners last year that did not sing well during the group portion. Take both parts of the audition seriously.

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